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Event skins or older skins that no longer can be purchased for plex only isk

Step 1: Project Discovery into 3x Marshal BPCs. Step 2: Spend 3,654,717,690.00 on the materials & build. Step 3: Sell Order for 9.4b/ Buy Order Sell them for 9b each

Total Profit: ~23b.

Send it to me ill Double your Isk ;)

Buy a subscription to https://evemetro.com, bookmarks if needed from Bookmarks Barn, filaments, and the best hauler one can fly. Uses the isk to pay for collateral for public courier contacts. While non-scam or exploitive courier contracts are often done at lower rates than the major hauling companies they can be quite profitable, especially if you are flying to stations they don't or choose contacts that fall in between the gaps of how they normally are their services. Many capsuleers often put up contracts at an overpriced rate to haul things quickly and often add tips for prompt service.

The Crimson Harvest event is in full swing, which can only mean the Winter Nexus is just around the corner. This event is one of the more lucrative, with combat sites spawning in roaming ice storms throughout New Eden.

To get players into the action, we're given special ice storm filaments. Once activated, these can transport players directly to a system with an active storm, be it Highsec, Lowsec or Null.

This provides an opportunity to aspiring traders. A filament that transports you directly to Highsec, without having to move through Pochven or Nullsec choke points. Not only is it the best time of year to clear your hangars out and ship everything to a Highsec trade hub, you can also make a killing if you start bargain hunting before the event starts.

So, dust off your haggling skills and go and hunt for deals before other players cotton on that they'll be able to offload their loot in a few months.

Good luck!

Exotic Dancers.

What else?

In truth, it would depend on the goals.

Is the goal going Omega? Then I would use that billions to build an "infrastructure" to pay for Omega. In other words, I would set up Planetary Interaction and industry to produce products that could be sold on the market for profit, I would work with the market and I would gear up for higher level missions.

Is the goal going out in a blaze of glory? Then I would spend it on the most expensive ships I can fly.

Is the goal enjoying sitting on a "pile of gold" like the dragons of old? Then I would have the billion sit in my wallet and enjoy the sight of such a big value.

So, how to invest 3 billion ISKs really depends on your goals.

Here are Some ways to invest 3bln ISK:

  1. Market Trading: Buy low, sell high. Look for items with good price differentials between trade hubs or regions. This can be time-consuming but can yield substantial profits over time.

  2. Blueprint Research and Production: Invest in blueprints for popular items, research them for material efficiency and time efficiency, and then manufacture and sell those items. This requires some industry skills.

  3. Moon Mining: Consider setting up moon mining operations if you have the necessary skills, infrastructure, and access to moon materials. Moon mining can be profitable, especially for high-demand materials.

  4. Planetary Interaction (PI): Invest in PI infrastructure on multiple planets. This passive income source can provide a steady stream of ISK with minimal maintenance.

  5. Stock Market: Some player-run stock exchanges offer investment opportunities in various player corporations or projects. Research these options and consider investing in promising ventures.

  6. Trading in Faction Warfare LP: If you have standings with a faction, you can participate in faction warfare and earn loyalty points (LP). These LP can be exchanged for valuable faction items and sold for ISK.

  7. Exploration: Invest in a well-fitted exploration ship to scan down relic and data sites in null-sec or wormhole space. Valuable loot can be found, but it's a riskier venture due to potential PvP encounters.

  8. Long-Term Investments: Invest in rare ships, modules, or collectibles that have the potential to appreciate in value over time, such as limited edition ships or officer modules.

★Invest in capital ship manufacturing.

★Faction Warfare.

★Buy and Hold Assets.

Not a clue... but keen to see everyones perspectives! - 3BN is a decent amount of cash! :D


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