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I personally dislike that one single faction, the Angel Cartel, is and will probably always be the most popular faction to join. I wish they would have spread out new content between all of the factions involved with Havoc so that the entire player base doesn't just sit in one faction.

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Just like an hour ago we reached corruption 5 and also the first bubbles are up in lowsec. So far it is a lot of fun, let the Weekend beginn and blood for the blood god.

The Havoc Expansion is limited to the old FW Standards.


You shoot your Militia and receive a Standing loss, which will drop you out.

Third Party Fleet Tools

Beside the Militia chat channel most stuff happens on discord.

Logi & Fleet Boost inside Militia rest Neutral

Milita should only shoot your DPS Stuff to avoid Standing loss

Fleet Mechanic and Militia

Could make it more loose and let me boost my Militia without Fleet. But this maybe more broken than it will fix stuff g

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Of the factions to join, I'd like the Amarr Empire or Angel Cartell the most. But my completely unreasonable and personal issue why I haven't done it yet is that I truly dislike the red-orange backdrop of Minmatar space. And that makes up much of the FW area I would have objectives in. 😕

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Havoc is sparkling Faction Warefare and I'm here for it. That's the hot take xD

That being said, I think that expanding into fighting for the pirate factions is long overdue and I'm loving it

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I always found FW to be a touch hit and miss.

NOT NOW.... FW lives!!!

I was out on Friday night in an NPSI Friday Yarrrr! fleet and FW and losec was bopping! - Targets everywhere. Do yourself a favour - you want to settle down in FW space for a few weeks - you will have a blast!

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It's a mess. Not just on the technical side with all the issues but also conflict is really one sided.

I dont think the gameplay will be popular for much longer. The only real inpact this expansion will have on the whole of the game is the ZZ toll raod.

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Do you think those issues could be overcome via patches and tweaks?


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