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I refused to answer this question on the grounds of...

Stay tuned...

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  • Ansiblex, and projection

  • Structure quantity in nullsec - introduction of maintenance costs

  • Local as an intelligence tool -vs-local as a chat channel

  • Delayed local

  • NPSI ship skins!

  • Corporation interface

  • Alliance interface

  • Take nullsec ratting into a place with both high risk & high reward - ie. offer abundant rewards for those who are willing to put themselves at risk in space

  • I would love to see CCP backfill the gap of the faction attack and combat cruisers - where are my Thorax Navy Issue, Moa Navy Issue, Maller Imperial Issue, and Rupture Fleet Issue?! 

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Very helpful, thanks FUN INC. I can see a few topics there that would make great bounties.

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Much of this formed part of my CSM17 campaign :)

Much of it remains outstanding / unaddressed!

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  • Is Eve overpriced?

  • Legality of scamming within the game - good or bad?

  • Is multiboxing good or bad?

  • The new launcher - good or bad?

  • Is it too easy to make isk in high sec safely relative to null?

  • Should blue loot be nerfed?

  • What are some new features promised at past fanfests that were never heard from again?

  • If you could buff 3 things, what would they be?

  • If you had to nerf 3 things, what would they be?

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Great suggestions, thank you! We'll have to tackle some of these in bounty form.

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Capitals in hi-sec, but limited to... mining?) I know many mission runners and carebears who wish to spin something bigger than Marauders.

Projects related to real-life - space capsule, monument, project Discovery, music band... what else?


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