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EVE Online
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Note: As far as i know this exclusivly fo the US people since there no legal version in the EU. Q: Do we still have the EVE Browser or got this project stopped? (don´t know never used it)

Need Screenshot or however you call this in VR.

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Eve Everywhere (play in a browser) was closed a while ago.

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Thanks! It’s a shame CCP didn't link people to my store page so they could choose what poster they wanted if they won.

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I thought so too. Quite a missed opportunity. Maybe you can highjack a comment at least.

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Possibly ask them to? Not sure if they would

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I just left a reply on their post with a link to my store page.

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Once I tried to play Eve on Oculus, for half an hour it was wow, but reading all these small letters was painful. The gameplay is not that spectacular, and even from 1st person view


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