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You didn't ask for feedback, but I have a few suggestions that might enhance your guide. First, you might consider using the in-game comparison tool for module comparisons. It lets you select key parameters and automatically ranks them. Also, mentioning Mutaplasmids and special ships that are suited for this particular module (there are 7) could be useful. Additionally, discussing the importance of Warp Scramble Strength, which is crucial for catching many targets like the Venture, would add valuable detail.

Roger that, however, it's not really that kind of guide in terms of those extras, it's more about the modules themselves, we have videos coming that are going to go over Triglavian modules/enhancements etc.

We actually have guides on select ship classes in which we cover the extra strengths/bonus inputs etc.

Nice, i just saw 'in-depth' on a preview and thought those aspects might be important.

No ofc, we tend to spread the information out across the videos which represent the points you've made, so, it works out better when they say to search our channel for ship videos.

Looks good! Looking forward to follow on videos (trig enhancements in particular)

They are coming, atm it's just gameplay videos till the team has time to get together again (possibly tnite or tomorrow night) So as soon as that happens we get into more technical stuff.


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