EVE Online

EVE Online

Rage Inducing Simulator

Betrayers Class 1o1

Become The Best troll You Can Be

Theft Is Best

Spare Monitors Needed

Do you Think Your Manager is Bad? Try Our FC For Free!

Are you dining In Hell? Are you Sure You're Not Mining?

I particularly like 'Theft Is Best' and 'Spare Monitors Needed'!

Trust me, I have had "accidents" with monitors due to that game xD

Salty Feeling Simulator

EVE Online: Making Accountants Look Cool Since 2003

EVE Online: Your Escape to Galactic Geekdom

EVE Online: The Only Place Where Mining Is Exciting

The universe is yours to exploit!

Enforce your rule and conquer the universe!

Conquer the cosmos one spreadsheet at a time!

100% biased... EVE: Even Better With Friends

Authentic Submarine Simulator in Space

Be your worse, free of taxes and ethics.


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