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This a LCD panel for sure.

Solar panel, I'd rather say. That thing is collection energy from the sun, isn't it?

Yes in the this world its colleting.
In the other world its massiv TV Screen which we need to find the power plug.

Big screen to watch the Euros on? :D

^^ EVE:Online EM Football Event

ECM IBIS Tractor ball thingi

I think the timing was quite unfortunate. Do they not consider their players holidays when making patches? I'll be two weeks late to the party now! #CCPls! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

But seriously. ┳━┳ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) It was about damn time that the meta in nullsec sov-warfare got shaken up. And the fact that some system, won't have cyno jammers installed due to lack of energy, is very interesting.

In large-scale warfare, this was often a huge hindrance: Sub-cap fleets were required to take out these jammers before the big toys could be brought onto the field. I have seen this, combined with timezone-tanking, stale two conflicts in the past: One time 2019 in Detoird, and then again in World War Bee II/Bietnam. Hopefully conflicts end up more dynamic this way.

For sure interesting times for nullsec ahead. I'm looking forward to it.

I logged in.

I saw nothing changed.

I logged out.

you are missing the daily login bonus popup!

Now that you make me think of it, it didn't pop up as usual.

The short of it:

Nullseccers are mad about Sov changes, the haulers are neat, and SKINR is too expensive right now to be an accessible tool for a lot of players.

Corp projects - great developments on that, and in the corp interface - a refresh that was well overdue. I'm particularly enjoying setting corp projects paying people to lose ships!

SKINR - in principal i love it - personally i dont find the interface bad - overall it is good i think. I think the micro transaction nature is perhaps on the expensive side, however i can see the validity in matching the NES store skin prices if only to serve the purpose of not tanking their original skin store prices. However CCP have to accept that matching those prices may have backfired slightly in that of the pricing mechanism. Me personally now - i dont think the SKINR is too expensive - however i have zero intentions of skining every ship that i fly, so i am perhaps bias. That said a price overhaul might be needed to ensure that 1) people use it & 2) stopping harping on about how expensive it is!

Sov changes seem robust to me - but i was always an advocate of disturbing the nullsec status quo! :D

I already explained in an economic bounty about resource changes. We see a big shift towards null sec.

Personally, I’m still not sure if I’m happy or not. On one side, I’m really excited about new ships, but they are designed for very niche gameplay, which is not something I do, apart from once to meet the maker at Squallhalla, when I got blown up in a camp.

As a small group, we will suffer from the changes, as we are not able to deploy and control new structures to stay competitive. So we are facing a problem: either join something big or leave. And some corp mates are talking about leaving the game as they don’t see a future for us.

Before the nerf of the new ships' power grid, I was excited to explore new ways to use them, but they patched the stats within two days, rendering them as boring "fit only like that."

The new structures and claiming system are also not for me, as I like the life of a nomad.

I think the biggest change that actually affects me is the daily login bonus. They removed it, so now I do not need to log in to all my alt accounts, hehe.

Im not telling that the expansion is bad, it just barely affects me.

Actually I like the design, details, features, and the color combination

Eve - It's an ever-evolving space game, the slightest decision, can alter the course of the game.

This is the line, that is fed by marketing when the reality, is so much the opposite due to the actual nature of Eve Online and it's player base.

What does Equinox actually represent? In fairness, towards PVE players and High Sec, really nothing at all, in short, apart from the new industrial ships and let's face it, some funny videos of gangs of haulers nailing expensive ships, the actual point of Equinox is in fact only really helping Null Sec players and alliances.

This is not a good thing, if you look at the "coalition map" we are already seeing a "stalemate" of coalitions fighting for control, but what we have is always the same wars, north vs south etc.

Equinox in my opinion and this is just my opinion, is going to do nothing except allow alliances and null power blocs to further cement themselves in place and influence empire ship & mineral prices even further including PI goods.

of which you have to look at "income" from both sides, whilst a 100mil is not a lotto a null sec player, to an empire player, this can be considered a decent amount of money. So is it healthy to further allow the null blocs further control over the cost and spending of PvE players who choose high sec for a living place?


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