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EVE Online
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Unfortunately, multi-boxing in this game is nearly impossible, which appears to be an oversight by CCP Games!

If you have a spare, I won't mind to have one

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Now that would be impressive. I've just emailed one over to you. Enjoy!

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You're welcome! If you know anyone else looking for one, point them our way!


I would like one to see the brand new trees for the first time!

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Trees! I've just emailed you one over. If you know anyone else looking for one, we have half a dozen or so left, point them our way.

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I have just about 6 days left of the free Omega so a small subscription would help out a lot for the next week. Cool that CCP just gives out some keys

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I've just sent you one over by email. If you have any pals looking for one, point them our way. o7

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Thanks, will do, it would be a shame to see them go to waste

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I would love one! I activated my free week too early 😭

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Emailed! If you know anyone else who'd like one, point them towards this thread. We have half a dozen left.

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Hello, I'd love a code to try it out!

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Hello! I've just emailed one over to you! You might want to check out some of our Vanguard bounties if you're getting stuck in. Enjoy!

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I would love to try out the new stuff in Vanguard if you still have codes!

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Hello! We do indeed, I've just emailed one over to you. We're currently running a couple of bounties for the playtest that you might want to check out too:



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