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Monetization is the smart business move, but as I've said in many places, it's OVERLY monetized in a way that doesn't really respect the end consumer. In addition, it removes the accessibility of the feature too far away from the playerbase unless they can afford mountains of PLEX.

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100% and as most new players by the time they have finished the storyline agents, they really don't have the money for this.

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It's not quite what people asked for. The idea was more like alliance logos, where you can actually design your own thing and then upload and apply it. But I can imagine how this could turn bad. Then people make explicit anime skins for their Nyxes, hehe.

As for the price, it's perfectly fine. I mean, come on, a cheap burger price for a unique skin?! It's the cheapest customization in an online game. People are paying 15k bucks or even 1.5 million in other games for cosmetics.

New players POV: this is something you absolutely do not need for gameplay. If you got bored so fast with a default skin, go buy something for 1-5 mil, there are many alternatives.

Personally, I don't care too much about skins at all, but I hope this feature will bring some $$$ to CCP Games so they keep the team and project running instead of moving to something else.

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It's not about "needing it" it's about assessability for new players. The move to use PLEX when people have been getting thousands of the Paragon LP, is an absolute money grab when Paragon could have done it in the first place.

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I don't know, man. ISK or PLEX, any rookie can farm. With solid guidance, 100m/h is an easy task from day 1, while Paragon is very hard to farm. Actually, I'm not even sure if I can get it apart from a couple of thousand a day for daily use.

So your offer is quite unfair to the young pilots, as their balances are zero and they cant farm or buy it, while old players have accumulated millions or Paragon over the years.

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The most expensive rank 9 skin I am able to produce costs 130 PLEX, which is about 680 million ISK or $5.20. Is it expensive?

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You would be surprised how many people live paycheck to paycheck. Even a small amount can be "not affordable".

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I have a hard time seeing how the price of a very optional feature inside of a luxury product that is a video game will have a measurable impact on socio-economic problems.

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My meaning was people are often short of money and this is quite the added extra.

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About 30-40 minutes of farming C5/t6 or station trading.

2-3 hours if you do hisec stuff.

2-3 days if you are AfK mining on an orca :)))

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I'd probably use it selectively if I could at least preview the materials and patterns I don't have. That's the only issue I have currently with it. And I'd call myself space-rich. I could afford it.

Yes, it's pretty expensive. But nobody is forcing you to use an optional feature. Skins are not required to play the game.

I don't think this is a hill worth dying on.

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Oh I agree but like you said there should be an option to create skins and decide if you want to invest in it


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