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Well, you guessed it! For me, it's def Fallout.

It could be challenging to watch as game series influenced my life, views, and career. And I hope it won't be another 'Halo' disaster.

the X day is 12 of April

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I know there are a few orange flags going up (where are the NCR? worrying descriptions of the Brotherhood of Steel, etc), but I'm staying optimistic! I can't think of a game I'd sooner see be adapted to a show

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I'm all about Fallout - I cannot wait for the show and I just hope they've got it right!

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Compared to movies, TV is still riding high in my opinion.

The Penguin (late 2024)

I wasn't initially excited about this, but seeing how Colin Farrell nailed the titular role in The Batman, I'm keen to see more. For all its ups and downs, The Batman painted a pretty decent picture of a seedy Gotham that has all the characteristics I'd expect it to. I'd go as far as to say it's probably the best live-action version of the city.

Arcane season 2 (November 2024)

I'm no League of Legends fan, but this show left me gobsmacked. Featuring bespoke animation that uses the same blend of 2D and 3D as Into the Spider-Verse, it's a visual treat from start to finish. The story far surpassed my expectations, too. Season 2 has been in the making for a while, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

The Boys season 4 (2024)

While superhero fatigue is very much a thing, subverting the genre with shows like Invincible and The Boys is where my interest lies. It's brutal, distinctly for adults, and paints a more realistic picture of what I'd expect superpowered individuals to be like in our world. I felt as though season 3 lost its touch a bit, but its Gen V spinoff brought the overall series back into its glory days. I'm intrigued to see where we go from here.

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I suspect we have very similar taste in shows. I'm very excited about all three of these!

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In that case, I have many recommendations. Have you watched Yellowjackets?

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I have indeed, and surprise, surprise: I really it. I find it a tad jarring that the flashbacks and flashforwards seem to be different genres (creepy survival horror -> black comedy). But I adore the mystery and characters; Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood are such a perfect pairing

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As someone who tends to spend more time listening to music than anything else there's very little TV wise I get excited about but the one thing I absolutely can't wait for is Stranger Things final season.

Sure some seasons haven't quite had the same punch as the first but that show has captivated me from start to finish and not to mention THAT scene with Max and Vecna - literal chills! The journey with those kids and community as a whole is something that I'll be upset to see the end of but knowing I'll get to revisit the previous 4 before the final season hits has me every kind of excited!

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What a scene! I just rewatched your clip, and I can confirm that chills were had all over again. I love that that scene/season introduced a new generation to Kate Bush too. Sure, there have been some peaks and troughs in quality, but I've really loved it all. I'll be sad to see it go, but I'm also excited to see what the showrunners do next.

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Definitely! The only bit I really didn't enjoy across the 4 seasons was Dustin and his girlfriend singing - I would've very happily done without that scene but I know I'm in the minority there!

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I had to YouTube it to remind myself. It's out of left-field alright and very cheesy, but I have to say: it did make me smile. I'm a big Dustin fan though. His friendship with Steve 🤌

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I went to see Stranger Things: The First Shadow a few weeks ago at the Pheonix Theatre in London. Really enjoyed it, my wife has been to a lot of stage shows (me not so many), and she said it was one of the best she had ever seen.

It was really impressive and give a lot of interesting back story to the characters and in general to events.

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I didn't even know that was a thing. If I remember rightly, the Pheonix Theatre is said to be haunted, so they chose a good location.

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What do you mean with TV aka Television exactly this word is so old most youngsters don´t know what a TV is.

Stuff i am looking forward to see:

Spawn 2

Info: Unknown if ever, but Spawn said he will come down to kill the devil. It just 27 years, no time pressure here. Good stuff age super well.

District 9

Three years, i promise

Info: There is some license issues or so but they talked about it. I can wait, but you need to comeback you promised it!

Constantine 2

Nothing to say here, this sounds super save to be released in 2025.

Just need to remind you about this here:

During the end of Constantine it was clear which they need to continue.

No, this one belongs to me. middelfinger time No. You will live, John Constantine. You will live so you will have the chance to prove that your soul truly belongs in hell. Oh, you will live. You will live.

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Wait wait wait....they are making Constantine 2?!

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Looking forward to Silo season 2 on Apple TV. I watched the first series based on a recommendation on Justabout Justabout in the early Alpha times I think when that was the only community! Fantastic first series, kind of a bit like Fallout set in a large version of a vault that noone can leave because of the environment outside. Really great mystery around what happened in the past and the relics of previous times they find. Season 2 probably isn't going to be out until late 2024/early 2025 though so a long wait!

Another Apple Tv series, Slow horses seasons 4. Most things I watch they tend to peak after a couple of seasons and go downhill from there being dragged out for too long. Slow Horses has been the opposite, over each season the character development, story and action have gotten better over each season with some fantastic acting to go along with it for some of the main characters. With only 6 episodes per season there are also no filler episodes, each season stays interesting and develops well in every episode.

Alex Sinclair's avatar

Silo has just been added to my to-watch list, thanks for passing the recommendation forward!

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Oh, this is a super easy one!

Reacher Season 3, hands down, 100%. The first two seasons were just incredible and so well thought out, the way the show flows from episode to episode shows the incredible ability of its writers.

Although they haven't yet released the date, the main actor from Reacher, Alan Ritchson, has hinted on his Instagram that it will be this year at some point, I for one am so excited about it. It's going to be an amazing season 3 I think!

Nicole's avatar

Aside from some really stand out moments (car kicking, interrupting car-jackings, classic Reacher-ing), I actually didn't think this season felt as strong as how I remembered season 1. Maybe I should go back and start again though.

Nicole's avatar

He definitely looks even more the part than ever in season 2!

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

100% I think he's really starting to evolve the character, I follow him and he posts really funny updates about his fav snacks n stuff.

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X-men '97 coming 20th March

Loved the original animated series and so happy to see this is getting revival. It will pick up the story where the original left off:

Alex Sinclair's avatar

YES! I can't wait! I had no idea this was happening.

Lanah Tyra's avatar

Me neither, a friend was complaining on Discord why no one told her this was happening and my reaction was WAIT WHAT? So now we are all excited :D

Alex Sinclair's avatar

The music alone was enough to get me excited. While I'm definitely more of a Wolverine fan, I'm happy that they're giving Cyclops some love rather than side-lining him and/or killing him off

Nicole's avatar

Hands down, the greatest TV show theme song!

Alex Sinclair's avatar

That's a big claim Nicole. Did you ever watch The Raccoons as a kid?

Frantically adds 'greatest TV show theme song' to our list of bounty ideas

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I didn't see this post before! Also hyped!

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To be honest, I have a few things I’m really excited for, but I’m most excited for Inside Out 2! I know it’s really a kids movie, but it’s such a wholesome movie. Cried my eyes out watching the first one. I’m excited to see the new emotions and what they bring in! Some others I’m excited for are Stranger Things season 5 and Deadpool and Wolverine!

I just realized I did a movie and not a show, does this still count? 😭 I did this at like 3am my bad LOL

Alex Sinclair's avatar

I had no idea they were making a second Inside Out! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! The first one is my favourite Pixar movie. I can't watch it without crying.


This may get a lot of hate but I dont care lol I am really excited to binge season 1 and 2 of Halo, I am a big fan of the games! Heck Halo 3 back in the day on the Xbox 360 may have been one of the most fun multiplayer experiences of all time, and the campaigns of all the games are great (apart from 5 that was so boring IMO).

Either way, a live action Halo, with Master Chief kicking ass is something I've been looking forward to for a long time, with all the negativity the first season got, i held off, now with this season 2 trailer looking more epic in every way possible, I am excited to jump in and have my sci-fi itch scratched!

Also I will be watching it all for free as Xbox game pass has a 30 day free trial of Paramount Plus so I can blast though it n ext month! With this being a videogame adaptation, and more and more video game movies and shows heading our way i want them all to be the best they can be and be successful as there is so many incredible worlds to explore and story's to be told, so hopefully Halo can right the ship and become a great series over the long haul! Or even lead to some exciting spin offs like Halo ODST!

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X-Men '97 -

I cannot wait! This was the first show as a kid that I went out of my way for to pay attention to what day/time it was :D It also launched my X-Men fandom as my mother noticed me making the effort to catch the show, and brought home from her work my first paper comics!

The series returning after all these years is an obvious part of the nostalgia marketing going on these days, but it works! They've brought back as many original voice actors as possible, even bringing the original show runners on in a consulting basis.

Only a month out, and I'm X-cited!

Alex Sinclair's avatar

I only discovered this was happening yesterday and immediately sent the link to three different people. I'm so ready to embrace the nostalgia. This is the show that both introduced me to X-Men and made me fall in love with it.


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