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There are so many cameos I enjoy, but this is one of my favorites. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson starred in the Lethal Weapon movie franchise, 1, 2, and 3 at the time. Maverick is from 1994 and from what I remember got mixed reviews.

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I can't find a way to legally share this moment, but my favorite cameo is from a french film Amélie (2001).

There the film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, makes a brief but delightful cameo. He appears in a photograph as the man whose face is obscured by a spoon, while Amélie is playfully observing people in a café. I found Jeunet's cameo in Amelie a very clever way of insertion, which perfectly fits the film's playful and quirky style.

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Nice. I have seen Amelie a long time ago, but this moment was 100% lost on me. Great soundtrack though!

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Quentin Tarantino

When i was a younger this wasn´t clear to me because I don´t have a face with him. But once i grew up, i recognized him in the movies :)

Reservoir Dogs -> Mr. Brown Death Proof -> Bartender and so on and on and on.

My Favorite?

“Each and every man under my command owes me 100 Nazi scalps. And I want my scalps. And all y'all will get me 100 Nazi scalps taken from the heads of 100 dead Nazis. Or you will die trying!” ―Aldo Raine

Which Tarantino than is a nazi and get sculped.

Unfortunately I didn´t found a legal clip of it. But there are some on Youtube and maybe you want to rewatch the movie for the 25x time?

No worry nobody can judge a good taste.

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John Hurt in Spaceballs

Alien's chestburster scene is one of the most iconic in all of cinema. To see John Hurt re-enact it in this parody is nothing short of wonderful. I was close to meeting him before he passed away, as he was the patron of a film festival I volunteered at four years on the run. Unfortunately, that never happened, but I've always admired his work. Here's the original for context:

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This is an easy one for me, Bill Murray, Zombieland, for those that haven't seen it, it's a film where the main character is telling his "tips to survive" in a zombie apocalypse. So his name is Jesse Eisenberg, and he is also the lead actor in the film Facebook.

So Bill Murray's cameo was when they went to his house to find food and he pretended to be a Zombie for fun and got shot.

You can find the cameo here:

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I wondered if this one would get submitted. God-tier cameo; good choice.

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It's great - He nailed it perfectly

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Can't find an official clip for it, but in Bohemian Rhapsody the truck driver Freddy is checking out from a phone booth , is Adam Lambert.

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It's an easy to miss thing but really nice touch on the movie.


one of my favs was Iron Man 2 (under rated movie btw) when Tony Stark bumps into Elon Musk, who by some accounts is like a real life version of Tony Stark given he makes rockets and electric cars etc!

One many people would watch and not know who he is, especially a few years ago before he became more widely know to the wider public.

Love him or loath him I thought it was a cool cameo 👌

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Definitely Jarvis Cocker in the fourth Harry Potter film (when they're at the ball). I really love pulp and seeing him pop on my screen made me and my family jump out of my seat hehehe

Apparently he asked for a cameo because he wanted to impress his nieces or something aswell - which is pretty sweet <3

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Also Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway from radiohead was in this 'band' that was playing :) they're only onscreen for a second but you can hear them performing throughout the entire scene! (it's after they all dance and Ron and Hermione are having their lil lover's quarrel heheh)


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