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I am seeing it at the cinema tonight!

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I haven't spoken to anyone who's seen it yet, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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It was great! I think it was a lot better than the first part and a lot more Dune! They did omit and change a couple bits but I think they were mostly the right call and stopped the film getting too bogged down in the world building

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I'm so confident about this movie that I've intentionally avoided watching the trailer to stay clear of any spoilers!

Defo yay

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Yay for the vote

Cinema, hell no

Home viewing 4tw


A pity that the home viewing means waiting another... 6 months, if not more.

If you go to off hours shows, cinemas are mostly empty, like at my viewing we were in 10 people in a room for an hundred or more?

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Monday for me! Went to see part one with my sister - but unfortunately, because of eye surgery, she can't join me this time. I've heard good things and I'm very excited!

There was a bit of a movie drought for me after the last Mission Impossible movie, so I'm happy I get to go and watch some new stuff on the big screen again!



Villeneuve delivers.

(As in I saw it today)

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Tuesday, so I will be studiously avoiding anything on here :) Although I've read the book so... hopefully I know all the plot spoilers


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