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Film & TV

I quite enjoyed this from last year if the slightly more understated UK stuff is your vibe Alex Sinclair

This looks right up my street. And I really rate Iwan Rheon. I'll report back!

Unbelievable on netflix! One of the best crime dramas I've seen in a long time.

Trigger warning for rape though it's quite heavy :(

Thanks Stella! The reviews are sky-high. I've just added it to my list.

I love the Ashley Judd double feature of High Crimes and Double Jeopardy. They are definitely more on the thriller side than the crime drama side.

While I don’t have a specific title to recommend at the moment, I want to share a direction that led to a delightful viewing experience for me. Recently, I rewatched 'Columbo,' an American crime drama from my childhood starring Peter Falk.

I know it may seem a bit dated, especially when compared to modern dramas, but seeing it again after 30 years offered a completely new perspective. What I particularly enjoyed was the glimpse into casual American life in the 70s—the ubiquitous smoking, vintage ads, classic cars, and retro furniture. It's a reminder that revisiting older shows can provide a fresh and different perception, which might be an interesting avenue to explore for anyone looking for something unique to watch


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