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This is a great one! I'll have a think and come back with a few.

I can just see the replies here filling up my watch list! 😂

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I think the film "The Accountant" will become a well-known film, no one I know who watched it has disliked it. The way they have mixed OCD/Autism with a military-trained man who works for revenge etc.


oh I’ve not seen that, is that with Ben Afleck?

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It is yes mate and it is well worth a watch

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The Boy and the Heron, do I need to add why? =)

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I'm so sad I didn't get to catch this in cinemas :(


On top of my mind, I'd propose Dune and Dune, part 2.

The teacher in Whiplash... it's that person that you just hate, you cannot do anything else than hate XD


gut reaction for me to this question would be “The Batman”

Watched this when I was just recovering from Covid and had a dominos pizza, was just what I needed after feeling lousy! Really impressed with the visuals, the story and just how different it was to previous batmans as it focused more on him being an incredible detective, not just a crime fighting vigilante!

Can’t wait for the sequel!

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I need to rewatch batman because when I did see it was in a rowdy cinema with people throwing popcorn around the entire time.... i also really needed the toilet so I found the whole experience not very enjoyable hahha.

Not a reflection on the film at all - i'm sure i'll enjoy it more without kids shouting all the time and with an empty bladder !


absolutely give it another go in the comfort of your own home! Especially in the dark as the movie is just a vibe!

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Parasite was definitely the first one that came to mind. I also think Get Out, Everything Everywhere All At Once and The Banshees of Inishirin will be remembered as classics.

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I was going to say Get Out. Not only is it essentially perfect in narrative and art direction, but as Jordan Peele's directorial debut, I think the reverence for it can only grow.

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Yeah! It really holds up, although Us is my personal favourite of his films. I love Jordan Peele and am really excited to see what else he comes up with

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i NEED to watch Banshees of Inishirin - Barry Keoghan is such an amazing actor


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