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Film & TV

I’m right there with you! The prices are insane these days and it’s probably one of the reasons I don’t go to the cinema that often anymore because for me, a cinema trip just isn’t complete without some popcorn.

Back in the day I’d gladly purchase popcorn and a large coke (no ice).

I haven’t been to a theater since 2019 because of anxiety and COVID (really COVID enabled my misanthropy though).

BUT, cinemas need to evolve and make rue film only PART of the experience. My fav theater was Studio Movie Grill. Mostly because the seats were choosable and reserved. But they also served alcohol and full meals. That’s the kind of things theaters need. These days, the movie is not enough.

Concessions are outrageously expensive, but I'd be lying if I said I never bought them. I have an Odeon pass and so it kinda takes the sting off when I haven't had to pay for my ticket. There's also a discount, which doesn't mean they're not still outrageously expensive, but it helps a little bit.

Partly though, it is really expensive but I have this anxiety that cinemas will die in my lifetime and with that in mind I don't really mind paying extra for the experience of seeing a film on a big screen.

If it is an evening showing starting at 7 or 8pm I’ll buy a large coffee to have.

Rarely I get some overpriced Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

We do have some cinemas here which allow alcohol and proper meals as you sort of sit at coffee tables. Last time I went there I had coffee and cake.

Everyman do proper food you can order to your seat (so fancy!). It's quite expensive but the food is actually super nice! If you have one near where you live definitely go and see a film you're excited to see in cinema to make it an even better experience! I definitely wouldn't watch every film I want to see at this cinema because it's more pricey but as a treat it's great :)

I've never heard of this chain but it looks amazing. Brighton probably doesn't need more cinemas than it already has but at the same time I wish there was one of these here


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