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I don't have it in my playlist; as someone who has experienced stalking, this topic is too sensitive for me, especially when portrayed as comedy.

I didnt feel it was a comedy at all. The only aspect of that is he is a failing stand up comedian but even then it was just awkward and sad.

Agreed. I didn’t find it funny as well. It just appeared in my list I went in without knowing anything about it, I seriously thought it was a comedy. I ended up just feeling creeped out and sad, not my cup of tea.

I think the black comedy label is misleading. It has moments of levity but they come from observing the absurdity of the scenario from an outside perspective and never at the expense of either main character's flaws or predicaments. And, whilst I think you're more than correct to be wary if the subject is a trigger for you, I would say that Richard Gadd who wrote, created, and starred in it has based it very strongly off his personal experience - meaning it is ostensibly told from the point-of-view of a man who was stalked to a very significant extent.

It's incredibly self-deprecating, introspective and sensitive and was honed into a TV-ready format off the back of an award-winning Edinburgh show - a format that required great sensitivity and vulnerability to portray to an audience each night and was rightly awarded, not so much for the comedic content but, for the way it tread the line between honesty, sensitivity and entertainment.

it’s been added to wife and me watch list lol

let us know what you guys thought - my partner and I finished it last night

I liked it, kind of.

I found it more intriguing then entertaining and as much as he trys to make the stalker the villain I dont feel hes any better tbh.

My partner and I binged it in a couple of days. And we both thought it was brilliant and really lived up to the hype. I found it to be quite a sensitive and two-sided depiction of some very difficult subject matter. It does have elements of levity but they're more about observing the absurdity of the situation than pure comedy. It's an incredible example of making something entertaining, enthralling and relatively believable without relying on punching down, villainising, or over-simplifying. Would 100% recommend

The cinematography was also top notch along with the track list of contemporary cover songs - something comforting but also a little bit different to make it a tad uncomfortable at the same time.

An interesting aspect that I think previous shows don't get is the audience 'participation' - the finding out about Dunn's/ Gadd's past relationships and trying to piece together who is who really emphasises the obsession people have and fits with the narrative Baby Reindeer

My Wife and I both extremely impacted by this series in a positive way and felt it dealt with complex and multi-faceted issues in ways that many series struggle to do. It is a an adult story but told in the way that real life often unfolds in front of you, which is why real life can be so challenging on a moment to moment basis. I thought this was especially refreshing and lent the show a feel that was rather unique.


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