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Im going to a theater for the first time in over 5 years to see A Quiet Place Day One. Frankly, I’m kinda freaked out about it. No assigned seating which was a must in my theater going days.

But, the first film was the most powerful theater experience I’ve ever… well, experienced. I NEED to see this on day one (pun not intended, but acknowledged)

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Same here. It's not widely considered to be one of the best, but the A Quiet Place series is second to only Alien as my favourite horror films. So excited for Day One.

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That’s a pretty good comparison as far as tension is concerned. It’s got that same breathless viewership even after you’ve seen it a dozen times.

Alien is the fluke rental which pulled me into the horrorsphere as a teen. I watch Alien and Aliens every Halloween

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I loved the first one, wasn't too sure on the second. It felt like it ended abruptly, one of the few times I was surprised when the credits rolled.

Nonetheless, I will be going to see Day One, I really like watching how these apocalypse type situations start out.

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I agree fully, the sequel had HUGE shoes to fill and it didn’t

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Definitely Kinds of Kindness. I don't know much about what it is in terms of plot, but The Favourite and Poor Things were so good that I'm basically all in on any Yorgos Lanthimos/Emma Stone collaboration

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Im looking forward to seeing the Bikeriders. Iv seen it described as Goodfellas on bikes so that had me sold immediately.

Also I love bikes 😁


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