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Ladies & Gentlemen, I present my choice for this bounty.

Castaway - Starring Tom Hanks

In this film, we have a high-powered member of FedEx who is obsessed with getting his parcels there on time and making sure his team runs like clockwork. Until disaster strikes.

Our hero boards a plane and it hits severe weather and goes down. This is where our real story begins. As the plane goes down, Hanks finds a lift raft and hops into and finds himself on a deserted island, he is alone, utterly alone, and his journey into madness begins.

As time moves on, he becomes more and more the "survival beast" overcoming his basic needs and survival, becoming over joyed at the tiniest of things. Such as food and water and shelter, but his desecent, becomes almost animalistic into a primitive state, enter "Wilson"

For those who have not seen the film, Hanks finds a ball and then paints a face on it and he becomes Hank's companion on the Island, in several scenes, he is seen to be arguing with the ball about basic things.

This film is perhaps one of the best dramatic films of all time, because it was amazingly done, it captured what would happen to any of us, in this situation, we either thrive or die, we either become animals of survival, but humans are not meant to be alone, so, it also captures the psychological fall of hanks into madness and insanity and the human brain protects itself. It is simply one of the best dramas I have seen and is still one I watch at least once a month.

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Wilson!!! Excellent choice, this movie really impacted me as well and Tom Hanks did an Amazing job playing the part.

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for the best drama movie in my opinion is Sometimes I Think About Dying which was released on January 26th yesterday. This short movie is enough to make me emotional, because this movie makes me think if I am depressed and think about death and continue to ponder and think about what the meaning of life is, even so I really like the actor who plays Fran played by Daisy Ridley.

She managed to express the feelings and instability of the character very well which made this Emotional Message well conveyed, because the theme of this film is loneliness, existence, and contemplation of death which invites the audience to reflect on the meaning of life and with beautiful shots and the feel of a coastal city gives a deep impression.

that's probably the review of the movie I liked this year, Sometimes I Think About Dying. from the storyline it has such deep emotions that it seems as if we are drawn and feel what fran and make us reflect, by the way I watched the movie because the name is a bit similar to me hehe.

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Schindler's List 1993

The first time I watched Schindler's List was back in my university days. Back then I had no idea what the film was about or who these people were, I knew vaguely about German history. The main reason I decided to watch is was because it was staring Liam Neeson, being a fan I just had to watch it :P Also, this was the first black and white film I ever watched.

I didn't watch much of these kinds of movies so in my mind most mainstream Heroes are always perfect. Oskar Schindler on the other hand didn't seem like a hero; he was struggling and had problems in his own life. But despite all that, he chose to risk everything to save others. This really spoke to me because it showed that anyone, no matter their past, can make a difference. These are the real life heroes, not from fairy tales but real human beings.

Watching Schindler's List made me think deeply about bravery, kindness, and the impact one person can have on the world. That It just takes an act of kindness, then one more, and another one.

But that moment when you have already done more than anyone would expect and still feel that you could have done more. That really impacted me, like "What am I doing with my life?"

The movie gave me a sense of sadness yet inspired at the same time. I wanted to learn more about the Holocaust and the people who, like Schindler, chose to help others despite the risks. This film opened me up to look for other real life 'Heroes' and made me want to be one or try to be whenever an opportunity presents itself to make a difference.

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Absolutely incredible film.

Watched it on Valentine's day with my partner over KFC during lockdown. A bizarre combination but we did get closer because of it

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Yup, I didn't think I was going to like it but whoah. .


For this bounty, I would like to nominate the 2023 Superhero Action Drama film: Shin Kamen Rider. By Hideaki Anno.

As part of the shin tokusatsu verse, Shin Kamen Rider is a modern retelling of the original Kamen Rider Series from 1971. This version is a lot darker, slightly edgier and realistic, more dramatic, and has deeper themes. All whilst paying homage to its roots.

The story follows Takeshi Hongo, a loner and a motorcyclist who is one day kidnapped by the organisation known as SHOCKER and is converted into a cyborg. He is able to escape due to the aid of female protagonist Ruriko Midorikawa and her father, and together they organise a plan to take down SHOCKER. The film focuses on themes such as:

• “What does it mean to be human?” - as Hongo struggles with his new life as a cyborg.

  • “What does it mean to be happy?” - as different characters have different points of view of


  • “The importance of kindness.” - as Hongo is repeatedly called out on his kind attitude

    throughout the film.

This film stuck with me, as between the time the film came out and by the time I was able to watch it, I was also asking myself “What brings me happiness?”, I also admired how despite the tragedies that Hongo is put through, he always tries to show kindness.

If you are a fan of Tokusatsu/Kamen Rider, Superheros, or Hideaki Anno (who created the Neon Genins Evangelion franchise). Then I highly recommend watching this movie.

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The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Heralded as the best movie ever made, finding a top spot of IMDB for many many years. Based off Stephen King short story - Shawshank tells the story of the criminals in Shawshank Penitentiary and how the latest in-mate begins to tips the scales against authority through small calculated moves.

Lead Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne as incredibly innocent and mild mannered. You'd never suspect this guy of anything. And for a long film you may think that his lack of presence may cause bigger characters such as fellow in-mate Heywood or the the brual prison guard Bryron to overshadow Andy, but you feel for Andy every step of the way thanks to Morgan Freeman's ever present narration. His dulcet tones carries the viewer through the film, at every beat, and every twist.

The dramatic element of the film is always looming for Andy. First from the more violent and predatory in-mates, then the corrupt and advantagous Warden and his main muscle Byron, Andy is always at the bottom rung being exploited and used. But this 'innocent' man always plans one step ahead, slowly and meticulously finding a solution even if its not the easiest or immediately rewarding.

If you haven't given this movie and watch - you are required to give this a viewing

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Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Most likely, my submission will be disqualified, as technically it’s an animated film. However, its impact on me was undeniable, and I want to highlight this masterpiece for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Roger Ebert, a famous American movie critic, named it one of the greatest war movies ever made: "Once seen, it will never be forgotten." Many lists of the best World War II movies rank this work among the top tier.

First off, this is not a kids' animation—not at the Toy Story level. It’s dark, grim, and sad; it’s a war drama in its dirtiest form, depicting the suffering of children as collateral damage, mercilessly bombarded by US incendiary bombs.

In later interviews, author Akiyuki Nosaka mentioned that he received many offers from filmmakers to adapt the story into a live-action film. However, he rejected them, believing it impossible for child actors to deliver the level of performance required.

I’ll leave the official trailer here and say no more to avoid spoilers.

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This is an old one! One of my all time Favourite films is The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock.

The film is one of the most heartbreaking drama films you can ever come across, it’s the true retelling of Micheal Ohers story who was once homeless and a traumatised boy. The film is based on Michael Lewis’s book and it really did captivate audiences with its powerful message about kindness, resilience, classism and family.

I watched this film for the first time a few years ago and honestly, it’s always the one that gets me. It really did leave a lasting impression on me. Apart from the storytelling, you have to applaud the acting style of Sandra Bullock in this film, she really broke a whole other depth to her acting skills and won loads of awards because of this such as Best Actress at the Oscars.

There’s one particular scene that really stood out to me - I don’t want to give any spoilers so all I’ll say is Leah, Micheal, Sleep. It’s still a scene I think of till this day, my heart broke and really showed me how different the world is out there for different people. It had me reflect on my life, what I have that others may not, the things I take advantage of - it made me just feel so grateful for everything I have in this life.

If you have ever put of watching this film, please give it a go. It will really change your outlook on your life but in the best way possible!


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