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Move over ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’! The world’s greatest Christmas movie stars Miss Piggy and Kermit. But where would you find its narrator alongside a god of war?

It’s warm by the fire and yet I’m chilled to the bone. Find me where games are less Claus, sleighs, and yule and more claws, slays, and ghoul.

Find me in a week where mysteries continued,

Where the eve in question was not Christmas.

The biggest bounty in all the land,

To be exact, what’s half a grand?

To deliver all of his presents, Father Christmas has to travel all around the world in just a single night. But that’s nothing compared to the journey you’ll have to go on to find me. Scroll!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: Twelve virtual worlds, eleven loot boxes dropping, ten LAN parties raging, nine dungeons crawling, eight-bit carolers singing, seven save points shimmering, six power-ups spawning, five golden coins! Four player splitscreen, three extra lives, two thumbsticks twirling, and a victory royale in a Fortnite spree.

Where would a gamer go to find a video to make them ho ho ho?

It may be Christmas time, but the holiday I’m hiding in is more concerned with oryctolagus cuniculus and ovoid theobroma cacao. You might like Mars or Galaxy, but I’m all about the Bounty.

I'm moving to a new thread now, bye!

Oh no... here we go again!

Well if it isn't my old nemesis Wadd Enderas. I hope Jackbeard is keeping you busy!

I think I've missed a couple D: I could be in trouble!

I'm over here now! Mwahaha! The ever-refractory and mercurial Mŷs Tæ Rae will always keep you guessing! I suppose you'll be wanting your clue:

“With sketches and drafts, my ideas unfold,

Tis I crafting you wonders to behold.

In my grotto, graphics are designed

In workshops, their aesthetics neatly refined

My canvas is merry, my palette is bright,

Every detail I shape, through day and night.

In the workshop of joy, where dreams take flight,

Who am I, designer of Christmas delight?”

Alex Sinclair bread, grannies, and robot vacuum cleaners are strange things to have on a Christmas list. Especially when this was missing from your poll:


'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The kids were all quiet, not one little shout;

And all was content at Just About.

In November's hush, a festive delight,

Payouts shimmer like stars in the night.

Digits adorned in holiday light,

Just About’s blessings, sparkling and bright.

A cheer in the wallet, a joyful chime,

Earnings wrapped in a holiday rhyme.

A yuletide reward, a seasonal dime,

Just About’s payouts, a jolly ol’ time.

To hardworking elves, in the digital fray,

Payouts arrive, a pre-Christmas buffet.

In wallets, a gift, like Santa's sleigh,

Just About’s magic, a merry array.

Merry Christmas everyone!

You little mischievous elf, gotchu in the end.

(And for some reason I was thinking there is still one more hunt to come so Damien beat me in the finish 😂)

I mean, I could be wrong. I worked it out when the competition was first announced and there's every chance I got the date wrong. Either way, fantastic competition against a worthy opponent! It's hard to keep track of them all.

It was fun, some of them gave me a hard time to find, others I spotted before the hint was shared here :D

Christmas celebrations with my family got in the way of the hunt! Damn all this festive cheer!

Shakes fist at Christmas tree


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