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Quake 2 and Bubble Bobble - very nice choices! I love the first Quake for Trent Reznor's soundtrack and actually lining up Quake 2 to play very soon!

As for Bubble Bobble I lost track of how many platforms I owned that on, starting with the ZX Spectrum though!

Great to meet you, Rupert and thank you for creating Just About!

Oh no. Does this end with Rupert watching Just About getting mulched?!

It's an honor to meet you.

The funny thing is, I was also born in Brighton. What you have created here, is a masterpiece, it's gaming, articles, showcases, all rolled into one, but I think personally it will continue to grow and become something huge.

For me what you have created here, has filled a direction and focus for myself I had previously been lacking, being invited here has given me a sense of purpose I didn't and have not had for a long time, even as a creator I was just "going through the motions".

After being invited to Just About I have met so many people and been able to learn so much about other games, and streamers and worked hard to make sure I reply to threads and post things.

Just About is now a major part of my life, my wife finds it really funny when I say "yeh, I just need to see if anyone replied and stuff" and she smiles that cute smile and makes a "shoo" motion and off I go.

So, I guess what I am saying in my rambling over explaining way is, thank you for making Just About.

So in true eve style, salute! o7

Hey Rupert nice to meet you. Thank you for creating Eurogamer/Gamer Network. They have been a huge inspiration to me. And from the short time I have been here Just About is doing the same.

hello! - I meant to ask... are you in a Bond lair there? - that vantage point looks amazing. All you need is a white cat :)

The photo is from a super-cool hotel we stayed in at in Norway once. It was also where they filmed Ex Machina and Succession:



Sorry this is a very strange question but what happened to all the blue carpet that you used to have that went on the floor at earls court for the original Eurogamer expos? I noticed it didn't appear in the NEC when it moved venues. It must have cost a fortune!

For context so its not quite as odd. It did used to be referenced in articles about the show and commented on quite often...

One week on from the end of this year's Eurogamer Expo - EGX for short - and we've rolled up the blue carpet, sent back all the PS4s and Xbox Ones (sad face) and said goodbye to Earls Court for another year.

EGX 2013: Game of the Show | Eurogamer.net

It's a niche question... but I like it!

We covered the whole of Eurogamer Expo (as it was known then!) with a single blanket lay of blue carpet because the venue's floors in the early years were in a pretty poor state of repair. I think as we grew, it ended up costing us about £50k just on carpet for each show at Earls Court, but it did give the venue a very distinct Eurogamer-y feel. 💙

So it was a pretty big budget item and we had to scale it back a bit, I think we only did the walkways for later shows... I think by the time we moved to the NEC - which had a much nicer floor - we were able to do away with it all together!

I'm fairly sure we were told it was "recycled" after the show... but who knows what that actually means!

Entrepreneur extraordinaire. You have hatched an idea the internet was sore for and I’m pleased to contribute.

Platform32 brought me here FYI

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