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Bad brain sessions are the worst, but I'm glad we goofy few help in some way

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As someone who also suffers from three diagnosed conditions myself, I am 100% behind you, I recently sent an email to a JA member of staff whom I contact when I feel like I am not performing well on here. If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out.

Also, a thank you from me for the $50 bounty as well, I was not expecting that truth to be told.

Ja for me is a place I can be my 100% self and this, cannot be understated.

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Whenever I have a bad day I come here knowing there will be a bounty or discussion which will put a smile on my face or make me think about other things and not my struggles. It's amazing that we can genuinely just start a post about something we like and there will be a few reactions or replies within a short time and at least for me it always make me feel a little better when I see that someone else likes the same thing I do or has the same troubles.

That Smalland bounty was amazing, I was so worried at the beginning when it didn't get much attention but then seeing all the entries made me so happy. Looks like and amazing game and I wish I had the time to at least try it.

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I might not have all the answers or the right education, but I'm here if you ever need a break from it all. Why not join me for one of our community games? We can crush some challenges (or skulls hehe) together or build something amazing. Exploring the realms of Nightingale has been a soothing experience for me, and I bet it could be for you too. Whenever you need to unwind after a tough week, just give me a shout!

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My partner experiences anxiety and depression, and on top of that she's studying to be a counselor!

The single most important thing I've learned - most of the time it's not about answers or solutions. Just being there is enough 🧡


here here! Always here to chat also!

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Hope you are feeling better 👍

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Mental health is nothing to be ashamed about, it is a real struggle and the JA community is the best I have met. If you need a friend to game with or talk I'm around as well, with open ears. Our time zones may be different but we can make it work :D

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Hope you see this place as a safe haven and environment for positivity and discussion. Hard to find places like this on the internet

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Thanks for all the lovely replies in here. I'm happy to have found a space in JA.

I've lived with depression and to some extent anxiety my whole life and after a particular low period in 2018/19 I got a lot better at noticing the signs, opening up about it and creating a support network and coping mechanisms, but they don't always work so to know there's support here too is heartwarming.

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I know some people have an aversion to medication, partially because there’s a really ignorant stigma around it, but going on meds for my depression and anxiety saved my life. If you haven’t looked into it before, nothing bad can come from talking to a doc about it.

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Oh I'm on meds. I don't have stigma around it at all, I'd been on them on and off for years and when the big low hit in 2018/19 I stayed on them.

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We're all so proud that Just About is a safe and calm place for you and everyone else. Welcome back to port 🤝


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