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I guess it kinda depends on when in her life it takes place. I’d adore Gemma Arterton to give Lara a go though.


awww fam that’s actually a great shout I have never thought of! Good call! I also wonder about Alexandra Daddario or if it’s going for a younger story with Lara maybe Hailee Steinfeld could be a shout!?

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Steinfeld already has that pre-req of bow handling skills haha

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Honestly, wouldn't mind seeing Katie McGrath as Lara she carries her roles as smart characters really well. Michelle Ryan might also be a good shout, if it's a slightly older Lara.

But I'm gonna remain skeptical until the series actually drops, whilst Amazon did a fantastic job with Fallout I'm concerned about the possibility of DEI inserts ruining something that could be a big W for Amazon. Especially considering who's writing it.

Willing to give it a shot and benefit of the doubt until we know more about cast and setting but keeping expectations to a minimum to avoid disappointment! Probably what helped Fallout be such a huge success, people weren't expecting much because generally video game adaptions suck or have soured.


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