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The bounties often say “don’t forget to link your social media” and that is quite clear really on what’s to expected.

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I think this is not about how to make the post eligible but about the reach on Twitter. I think if you tag someone at the beginning the system takes it as a reply so it's being shown to a different audience.

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I always write something before my tags otherwise it just looks noobish, I try to incorporate the tag into my posts somehow if I'm not tagging JA at the end. It just looks a little better imho

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I write something like "hey @justabout__ check my weird thing"

but never got a reply lol

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Hey cyruz - sorry for the late response on this. This is a good observation, and we're going to change our tagging guidance because of it. Thanks for the post!

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No worries. Happy to help. Keep building this awesome platform!!


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