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I think I tend to react mostly with laugh/heart and star reactions. Mainly because of something makes me laugh or really blows my mind I want to illustrate it. I've not used respect/helpful often but I don't see many opportunities to use those - but then I've also been MIA with new dad stuff and new job stuff so maybe that will change!

As for how else they can be used... that I'll need to think on!

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I hope everything is good with you and the growing family 😊

On some platforms reactions can feel quite disposable so it's cool to hear they each play a different role here 🙂

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Anything that we can do to encourage more feedback would be welcome. I personally think the reaction set-up is solid, although I still believe it would be good to be able to see who is reacting - but the heart of any on-line community is feedback, engagement, questions. When it happens it can spark great conversations and when it doesn't, it can leave you feeling isolated.

I've been bad at this lately myself and have challenged myself to be better at it in the coming weeks. More feedback.

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That's interesting! How do you think reaction use would change if they weren't anonymous?

There's the risk of encouraging like for like, but then again it could highlight which other members your posts resonate with.

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If the goal is to build community then I feel that removing the anonymity from certain aspects of interaction helps create that sense of personal connections. Possibly it could be an opt-in and opt-out choice, either anon or personal, so that each member could choose how they want to interact. As managed as Just About is, I don't think we are in any danger of becoming another Reddit if we open the gates a bit to a more personal interaction. But I don't have any data to back up that statement - so it might be worth treading lightly at first.

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Reactions are just short hand versions of: I find this funny, I like this, I agree with this point etc.

I can't see another use of this function apart from the abbreviated version of a comment that would be typed out. On other social media platforms I've seen reaction polls? - i.e. heart if you vote for this character or thumbs up for another. I think this is only for platforms that don't have polls though

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That's fair. Reaction polls though 🤔

Imagine our polls let you vote by choosing and applying a reaction to an option.

How would this change the way polls are used and what would it let us do with them?

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I don't think there is a need to use reactions as a representation of voting in polls on JA as there is a poll system.

The way Twitter used them i.e. like for this character and retweet for this character I thought was always a poor way of showing voting representation. Retweeting was so much more personal as you're showing your vote on your timeline whilst liking was somewhat hidden.

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I think they are a great way of giving some quick feedback. I appreciate the nuteral reactions, helpful and ok, as even if I may not share the same viewpoint of a comment or post I would still like to give my appreciation and these deffinetly fill that purpose for me.

The obvious exclusion are negative reactions but I dont think this is needed tbh.

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Each of the reactions are different so I wonder which you feel are on the neutral end of the scale?

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I feel the "helpful" and "respect" ones are more nuteral. They dont convey a possitive or negative reponse as you can find somthing helpful or show respect without liking or disliking it.

That said, it also doesn't exclude the fact I like a post because I have used one of them.

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I'm lacking one, like 'wow' or a similar expression. When I'm impressed by something 'excellent' is not right and 'like' is not sufficient.

excellent is weird for me, always feels not right.


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