what I want to see added to vanilla Minecraft ?

well i think i want to added NPC quest on vanilla minecraft, i think if minecraft official adding NPC who like to give player Quest / Lore Story This game will get really really really good.

you can know about hidden story of this minecraft world.

well this fiture is allready on third-party mod but is only can use on server minecraft i think, and this hard to setting mod.

I've tried it using this mod:


this mod is for make a npc


and this mod is for make quest, lore story, etc.
Both must be set manually first

My experience in setting these two plugins on the server chosen by vstreamer friends is that it is very difficult to set up the coding and lore, I hope the official adds it, it seems like we don't need to install third-party mods.

I would maybe like a game mode where it's 'true survival' like you could have temperature, thirst and disease maybe? and you have to carry out certain functions so these measures are right or you die. It could be as simple as every time ur hearts go down by more than half there's a % chance you get ill or something.

Obviously playing traditional survival could get annoying with these functions so it would have to be its own separate thing

I have a list of things I'd like to see.

  1. A proper scuba diving suit so we can walk around underwater and not die

  2. I would like, an actual boat we can build that is say five or six normal boat lengths long with chests on it for storage

  3. More wood options, so from a mod "Twilight Forest" such as Darkwood etc.

  4. Whilst we have the nether which is essentially "hell" I would love a "heaven" option added in that is VERY hard to create to the portal for, which leads to a mineral reach world

  5. More mobs, right now we essentially have what, 6? We need more!

  6. We need a "HQ" or "base" beacon that is still visible no matter how far away you go!

  7. We need quest lines, where you need to go find things, deliver things, kill a certain dungeon etc

Just a few ideas I've had about Minecraft and how we could improve it short term!

I would like to see a kind of random encounter quest line.

Id like some NPCs roming arround, asking for help with things or trading items, nothing huge, just the odd job.

Itl add some life to the game but shouldnt make it feel too different.

On the more technical side, I would love for shader packs to get vanilla integration, seeing how popular they are, and seeing the great leaps Mojang have been taken in terms of resource packs and internal shaders, it's something that's very much possible and would be very useful. Secondly, a Distant Horizon's-esque LOD feature would also be fantastic to finally remove the clunky chunk loading and poor render distance the game is known for. It's especially important after Caves & Cliffs, given how you can now view the landscape from higher than ever before, which gets ruined by the constant chunk loading.

On the actual gameplay and content side, I think it's finally time for that End Update. After 1.9 the End was at least somewhat more lively than the Nether, but after the Nether Update, the End almost looks forgotten at this point with how barren it is. Hopefully it would also give the devs and excuse to revamp the strongholds with their boring and dated design.

one of the things that i would like to see in minecraft is adding household decorations like adding chairs and the likes and maybe create new paintings like in mrcrayfish furniture mod.

if it's a huge update to minecraft i think adding seasons would be great. something where the four seasons, spring, summer, winter, autumn cycles through and changes every couple of minecraft days while affecting the gameplay somewhat, temperatures could also be implemented and only active during the summer, winter, and the desert and snow biomes. another to add to the idea would be new mobs that spawn for each season, both passive and hostile mobs, alongside new behavior for some mob during each season.

My son and I are huge fans of trains. While powered rails are cool, we really miss the Minecart with Furnace for our projects. Unfortunately, it’s not available in the Windows (Bedrock) edition of Minecraft.

Instead of fancy add-ons, all we want is a simple moving cart to build more trains!

We must be need a main or side Quest and more NPC

Create Mod by Simibubi is my all time favourite mod. I don't think i can play without it anymore. It has loads of amazing things you can do and it is very high quality mod with fantastic user interface. But the thing I love about it the most AND the feature I would love to be added to vanilla, is the ability to create and generate blocks and materials that are otherwise not renewable. Such as sand. So many blocks and items can be converted into others it makes survival mode feel a little less grindy.

I want to see ziplines added to vanilla Minecraft. I know there are tricks you can do to make a zipline of sorts in vanilla and that, of course, there are mods, but I just want an easy, no hassle zipline. It would make a fun and easy way to get around tree bases or other tall bases.

I would like them to add new Armour and weapons not the silly excuse of neitherite where its 10 times harder to get but does the exact same as diamond id like to see each piece of tools and Armour have cool new buffs and strengths and more slots to o the hot bar so you can use more tools and have slots for things like abillties but new ones not like potion buffs.

Sorry, i do not know the exact name for this addon, as I saw it only once in my friend's computer. He was using generic visual programming interface to operate tiny robot-like creatures to automate them. For example to mine centain area, look for specific blocks or build something.

I think this have a great potential in a core game, so kids could learn programming in a very playful form!

One thing that I would like to see is a better map system I think maps are probably under used as they are right now and I would prefer to see a full map that has it's own interface a bit like the one in the journey maps mod. Also being able to add way point markers to a map makes returning from the long adventures so much easier without needing to remember where you had your base because you didn't write down the coordinates.

this image is an example from the JourneyMaps mod


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