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my best memory about minecraft is,
when im playing with my friends and where are trying to rental server MC one of the minecraft web servers on internet.

where are playing with 6 player on that's server we are always playing together on night time, we explore map, farming together, make some bulding , and make best villager village.
the best moment is when where are trying a make own building together and make it challange hahaha the player who win will get 100 emerald hahaha.

i remember to when i trying make some farm XP and im always die on that's procces building and my item is lost, my friends comes to help me but in the end he's lost all equipment to because get die to when tring help me to make farm XP ahahaha

this server is running about 4 month and i think this world is best because no one speedrunner, everyone is happy to play it, and everyone enjoy to make their project on this server.

unfortunely on this server is Haven't fought a dragon yet though,, because People are starting to get busy with their own lives.

but we agreed to fight the dragon when we had time to play again.

and here we go this is the screenshot i get on that's server, fortunnely im still save world that's server on my PC.

the village on we server

My Farm Project

and this is a project from two of my friends

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Definitely finding diamond for the first time..

I was about 11 and me and my friend had secretly stayed up till 2am playing minecraft - we had been mining for ages (probs not very efficiently hehe) and finally found diamond! We were so happy heheh

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memories of last April in minecraft, when I was walking to look for obsidian so that I could enter the nether I found one strange incident, namely finding the end portal by accident and being on the surface, whether this was an error when generating the world or something else, okay after that I continued to look for obsidian and went to the nether to take pictures of the nether and you know what's funny is right I forgot to bring gold which finally I was chased by the inhabitants of the nether, namely piglin, annoyed by my negligence and my belongings were all lost in the nether.

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I was laying on the floor playing Mineraft on the laptop with my then 7 y/o son laying next to me watching (I was helping him build somthing).

All of a sudden it started to rain in game and I hear my boy say with out missing a beat "f*cking rain". I just looked at him and he quickly said sorry 🤣 took all my strength not to laugh.

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I would say it's a funny memory for me.

About three years ago, we had 5 working computers in the house, we had a world with me and my 4 sons. we had spent 4 weeks building this world, the little ones built these odd-looking buildings and used YouTube to create death traps, but failed to mention where they were or what they were.

So I logged back in the next morning, and went to leave my little house and was immediately blown up by a Creeper, which led to cursing, so, I respawned and went back outside, I needed new armour and the Iron was in my younger son's base. As I reached his front door, the grass block disappeared and I fell six blocks into lava and died again.

I respawned again and realised unless I broke his wall, which we had strict rules about, I decided to go to my other son's base, I opened his door and was immediately shot full of arrows by dispensers, and I died again.

Now at this point, my anger was um, slanting upwards? So I went into my older sons base instead, being very careful to check the door and look through his windows, seeing nothing, I deemed it safe, so I went inside, as I reached his double chest, I had a split second to notice a lever next to it and I immediately fell 50 odd blocks to my death.

At this point, I'd had enough and logged off and waited for the kids to get home from school.

But, looking back now, it was funny.

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I remember when first time play minecraft, I play with my bro and I saw a wolf and I decide to tame them but I dont know how to tame it. and then I watch a youtube tutorial and finally I can tame the wolf, I very happy and never forget that moment

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I have two really good Minecraft related memories the first one is was when I first started playing Minecraft on a server I entered a build competition and I built this really nice looking castle the end was result was that my entry won first place . The second memory is just Minecraft related but I got to go to Minecon in London and had a great time meeting some of the top Minecraft creators and Minecraft developers.

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my best memories of playing minecraft was a few years ago when i was playing it with my friends, it was just a regular survival world, just building stuff. in a short amount of time i managed to built a mob farm but it was inefficient though it still works. at the end of the playthrough though when almost all of us were barely playing on the server i was able to make a good build all around.

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I started 'playing' minecraft by watching youtube videos, I cant recall the name of the show, but it was panic/horror oriented, so the moment i actually decided to play myself, i was already supercharged with emotions.

And i remember how i met my first night in minecraft. I failed to build a shelter and was running around for the whole night duration, screaming like a mad. I think even creepers got scared from my acting, but somehow i managed to survive.

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3rd season of our survival server also stood out to me. It was back when 1.11 first got added, and it was one of the first proper multiplayer Minecraft experiences I had, playing out in a world with some other people. I remember all the special little touches, like a small firework show to celebrate day 100 or day 1000 of the world, covering our entire town in snow with golems for Christmas, to a secret network of escape tunnels we built underneath to protect us from a threat that didn't even exit, to each building looking fairly ugly by today's standards but I could still probably rebuild them all from memory, that's how ingrained pretty much each design was for me. It was just good chill Minecraft the likes of which I don't think I'll ever experience again.


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