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Hello, I want to ask, can the secret room be entered into the secret base?
if not im will make new secret base

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Hey Nine, if you already have a secret base, you're welcome to enter that! Perhaps you could use this bounty as motivation to renovate your existing base and submit before and after screenshots to show us what you've changed.

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i will make ramake it ASAP !!

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finnaly i can make secret base on my hidden echanment room !!

fiuh.. i think is good. i hope you guys like it thanks.

the videos :


the screenshot :

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Took a bit but it's done! The Minecraft Secret Base!


Hope this is okay!


My go-to method for making a secret base back when all my younger cousins were really little was a tree base. They always wanted to live with me or destroy my base or steal my stuff. So, whenever we started a new world, my first goals were shears, saplings and bone meal. I would find a cluster of trees that I could naturally hide a secret door, make a tree house, use shears to get leaves to cover the house, then use the bone meal to grow more trees around and on top to make the area look like it was just an oddly dense tree cluster. The kids, and my brother for the matter, would never find me, even with name tags. This is a simpler version of what I used to do, but still quite effective, as the person I was playing with walked right by me several times while I was building.

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This is a great idea! Definitely faster and safer than my diggin project


Thanks, I liked your underground base too. I used to make my bases underground to hide, but I realized kids are more likely to look down rather than up. I wish I had thought to use red stone traps back when the majority of my cousins were younger, but I'll just have to try it out on the newest batch of little gamers in the family.

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This isn't just a base; it's actually an underground lab!

I play survival mode, and my creations often get blown up by creepers, no matter how well I light the area or build fences. Plus, kids love to mess with my Redstone, creating chaos.

To solve these issues, I mined out a large underground bunker with a concealed automatic door as the only entrance. I timed the Redstone so that even if someone finds the hidden button behind the grass, they need to know exactly where to run. I literally calculated the number of blocks you need to cover to get in.

As a bonus, I discovered a huge natural cave nearby, which I use to test things on hostile mobs. 😉


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Aww, I didn't manage to finish mine in time. It seems the most common reason to hide the base is other family members, hehe.

I hope there will be more construction bounties in the future.


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