Village at the Heart of Cherries Seed

this is my fav seed from minecraft, why ?
because if you use this seed, for the first time you will be spawn on the center cherry blossom village.
the combine of village and cherry blossom is really perfect for me, This seed is suitable for those of you who want to relax in the Minecraft game.

Seed: 4167799982467607063

im found this seed on this web :


and this for the screenshot

Its a difficult one but I think I have to say my favourite mincraft seed is....


Did I do the thing? 😁

Btw im not expecting to be awarded anything with this 🤣


I like this seed, because there is a cherry lagoon village at these coordinates -969, 87, 814
perfect place for relaxation, there are 2 villages in the center and the edge of the lagoon, a mountain of cherry trees that surround the lagoon

This is the seed I used for my very successful roller coaster video

Cherry Man-grove Biome

Seed No. -1412583731547517931

It also comes with some very helpful Coordinates..


Mangrove Swamp

1249, 148, 1562


-619, 55, 431

Desert Village

-1475, 82, -21

Pillager Outpost

-1308, 69, 1021

It is a great seed with a very nice cave system super close to the tree which I took my roller coaster through as well. Very much recommend this one and with those cords, lots are close and can provide rapid progression in Survival Minecraft.

Seed: 811656335573097634

My favorite seed is the one I've had on my server for a long time. It may not be the most spectacular, but I love the layout of everything. My family and I are still exploring it, and for distant locations, I've created a train system in the Nether to help us cover large distances between the base and points of interest.

The hardest part was finding kelp for elevators, but other than that, all resources were found fairly easily.

ID is: -5092820108002433452 (minus also needed)

This seed was discovered by my friend and it's a perfect survival world. It starts at the edge of a desert with a village located right next to the spawn point, paired with a gigantic Nether portal and abundant resources, including iron. Just a few clicks away, you'll find a huge cave with moss and a temple. It feels almost like a cheat compared to my regular seeds, where I spend hours trying to locate my first village.

My favourite Seed has to be this one 1691256543523180978 and in particular it is this ring of cherry blossom trees on top of a mountain that make this a pretty unique place to build.

11,980, 1,400

That is absolutely stunning, what a find. Did you discover this yourself or find the seed online? Either way, that's one of the best naturally generated locations I think I've ever seen, strewth.

I found it online but now I am planning on building some thing there, it actually has a village nearby as well.


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