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I mostly listen to power and symphonic metal. But I also love game and movie soundtracks which are our modern day classical music.

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If you like symphonic metal and soundtracks etc - if you haven't heard of them, go give Esoterica a listen!

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Oh thanks I'll check them out!

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They've been around since 2001, and always just not quite made it to the big time - they supported HIM in the early noughties, and then Marilyn Manson in Europe twice - they are 4 albums in, with a UK tour in April, and a new album dropping too in 2024 in time for the tour, one to watch and listen out for imho!


Now, if you don't give me multiple choice I cannot answer this... :| 😅

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I'm a veritable smorgasbord of musical listening but on heavy loop right now is Alkaline Trio's latest album - released on my daughter's due date and I have a tattoo of them so I often listen to them and bands like Hot Water Music.

My pop punk heritage definitely comes through but I grew up adoring the Smashing Pumpkins, they were the reason I started a band in the first place. Big lover of chiptune and in particular Chipzel (she's done amazing work for games like Dicey Dungeons, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Super Hexagon!) and the other genre I really got into in a big way was nerdcore hip hop. Artists like MC Lars and Mega Ran being the main two I've seen the most.

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My favorite is OST music (Original soundtrack) form tv series, movies and videogames


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