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It seems UI Bug, I'm unable to click all options!

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OK you can't mention High Fidelity in the post and not include the king! Well, one of the two kings...can't leave out Rage Cage!

I vote Jack Black, and in place of an argument I present the following:

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How could I forget Barry Jive and the Uptown Five?!

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My partner showed me this clip years ago, but I'm ashamed to admit I've never actually seen High Fidelity! 🫣

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do I need to just stop what I'm doing and put it on? 😝

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Me, in the shower, without an audience to confirm or deny.

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Stevie Nicks for me I think! Fleetwood Mac wouldn't really be the same without her.

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Nirvana, end of story, period, no argument, no conversation

"drops mic"

"Walks out"

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It has to be Maynard James Keenan for me. Absolutely wild range.

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Great choice! Any tracks you'd recommend?

I love Parabol and Parabola, but I treat them like one song 😄

I love the atmosphere in 10,000 Days

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I can basically listen to a repeating playlist of The Pot, Vicarious and Aenema. I also have a great time singing along to Jambi, Prison S** and Stinkfist.

For Puscifer I LOVE The Humbling River and Rev 22:20

For A Perfect Circle my favorite is The Outsider

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I've developed a new found admiration for Freddie Mercury recently. I'm not the biggest Queen fan or anything, but I was listening to them with my partner's kid and hearing him sing through fresh ears, he really was on another level


Given that there is no greatest, as you said "it leaves room for interpretation", especially since greatest because of what? On how they do on the stage? On how and what they do in the band? On how long they have survived with certain lifestyles? On how hot they are considered by their fans? XD

Given that I agree some of those you listed are/were some of the most important lead singers ever.

I would add to the list:

  • Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode, himself)

  • Jon Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi)

  • Roy Khan (Kamelot, Conception)

  • Sting (The Police, himself)

  • Joseph Williams (TOTO, himself)


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