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Alllllll about the playlists! I love putting them together for different moods and purposes. That being said....I must admit the same 4 playlists get a lot of love and my Spotify Wrapped is typically 95% the same as the previous year's Wrapped 😅

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I love playlists! I have all sorts. I make a playlist each year for songs that came out that year that I liked. Then I make playlists for very specific vibes and eras, like I have one that's just music I remember being on in the car when I was a kid, and a playlist of 2000s indie bands that you don't really hear about anymore. I also sometimes just put a bunch of whole albums together into a playlist mainly for long drives. My favourite playlist is called "Music of Dreams" which is made up of a mix of 80s music and more recent electronic and indie music that was influenced by 80s music.

Side note: Funny that you mention Fiona Apple, I was just listening to Fetch the Bolt Cutters earlier today and thinking I should listen to her more often

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I love Fiona Apple she's great <3 Your playlists look very nice and curated - will definitely be having a listen when I find the time heheh

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In the era of cassette tapes, I crafted my own playlists, eagerly sharing these mixes with other kids. Now, my adventures look like the realms of Nightingale: my 'base', a cherished playlist of favorite songs. I delight in 'opening portals' to the musical unknown, letting algorithms whisk me away on sonic explorations. These journeys often lead to serendipitous discoveries, new gems that I gleefully add to my core collection.

SoundCloud is my preferred platform for these explorations. Its allure lies in its ability to turn even the most whimsical searches, like "jpop noise", into a gateway to unexpected musical landscapes. It's like hunting for diamonds in an endless sea of sound.


I make playlists, thinking every time "this will be a great idea", but then I'm terrible at updating them! So I'll end up making a second one a year later that's the same kind of vibe 😆

The exception to the rule is my running playlist as I have to keep that fresh or I get bored!

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That sounds so familiar! 😝You could merge them into a giant megamix!

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For me I tend to type in the name of a band or Dj and just click the first playlist there is, I mostly use it when driving tbh.

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i like the radio feature on spotify for this :)

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I love a good playlist! I started putting them together based on the headspace I wanted to be in...chilled, hyped etc., but then drifted into different genres and times.

A few I've set up on YouTube are;

  • Chillout music

  • nostalgia

  • Less chilled music

  • Blues

  • Synth electro stuff

  • Hiphop

  • Vinyl tunes

  • 80s jams

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

  • Psychedelic/Stoner Rock/Doom

It's a bit of a mix 😄


I still make playlists fairly regularly. I have specific ones for when I go on a run, go for a motorcycle ride, and even when I'm studying. They regularly get updated as I get tired of songs or new stuff that will fit what I want out of a playlist.

I prefer making a playlist, but when on a long drive or just need background noise, I'll pop on shuffle for random stuff.


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