I’m Alex. Before starting my current role as a Content Manager for Just About, I worked as a freelance games journalist. During that time, I was Chief Editor of the now semi-defunct (it wasn’t my fault, I swear), where I got to write about all the latest MMORPGs and games with MMO-like elements. My favourite part of that role was telling player stories, which is one of the things I love about working here, too. I’m in charge of bounties and curated content here at Just About Nightingale, so if you have any questions just tag me using Alex Sinclair.

At the time of writing, Nightingale is yet to launch. But I’ll be downloading it as soon as it does and exploring the Fae Realms right alongside you. I really love survival and crafting games; I’ve spent countless hours in Valheim, V Rising, Stranded Deep, and The Forest. There’s something deeply appealing about throwing yourself into the wilderness and creating something out of nothing. I’d be utterly hopeless in real-life survival situations, but I’m very excited to tackle some Victorian horrors from the safety of my living room.

Hey there I am King, a Live streamer and Content Creator on almost all Platforms ! I have a BIG soft spot for survival games and Survival builders in particular, I used to be a massive Ark player both on PVP and PVE, raiding and building "unraidable" bases, spending hours upon hours in game ! Looking at what Nightingale has to offer, it reminds me of a Steam punk Ark meets Eldritch DND which sounds like absolute perfection to me ! I cant wait to see what it has to offer !!

You had me at 'Eldritch DnD'! Welcome Kings Court, great to have you here! I've never actually played ARK, but I've always wanted to, and I'm excited to see what ARK 2 delivers.

I got to be honest I am really sceptical of Ark 2, I was MAD over Ark I just wish that the Devs paid more attention to the issues that the community brought up rather than just throwing new maps at us constantly. Ark is incredibly addictive once you get in to it, especially if you go PVP !! I remember getting woken up at 4am by my American friends as we were being attacked, So I jumped on to defend out base !! hahahaha Thank you for the welcome, happy to be here ! look forward to see what comes about here !

Welcome aboard! Lovely to see an ARK player on the platform, it was at the centre of one of my favourite stories from back in my games journo days. I spoke to a player named Vör about why they'd clocked almost a year of playtime - sadly that comment about issues raised by the community sounds familiar 🙁

yeh havent played in ages, but have been getting the pangs to try again ! Just SO MANY games to play though ! but yeh massive amount of hours in Ark ! lol

I'm Lanah the local Final Fantasy nerd as you most likely noticed if you have ventured into the Video Games space. Alongside my full-time job I stream FFXIV, mostly my raid sessions, but have some more casual streams too where I'm happy to help players just getting started with the game, and also make guides for my Youtube channel. Only begun my content creator journey recently, so working on slowly growing my channels and settle on a specific niche within the FFXIV creator community.

I've joined Just About in alpha, and absolutely love the friendly and welcoming community, so even though Nightingale was not a game I was originally planning to play (FF is keeping me way to busy as it is) I'm really excited to see a game's community grow here at the same time as it does ingame, so I want to experience it from the beginning.

Will see how good I am at survival games, but I'll definitely love all the gathering resources and building parts. I spend way too much time on that type of content in every game which has them.

Do you think you could end up doing some Nightingale streams or are you dedicated to FFXIV?

I'm the same with base-building, I'm very much 'in for a penny, in for the next three months of my life building moats, towers, treehouses, and forward-operating-bases'

Short answer yes, I want to stream Nightingale.

I want to open up towards variety streaming for multiple reasons. Even though I have a casual FFXIV stream, mostly I enjoy streaming my raids and that's not very great for engaging with people as I have to focus on doing callouts. Other reasons is, now that I have a capture card I can stream PS5 games too, so will be streaming FF single titles as well.

And there are some other completely non-FF games which I will play and would like to stream too, not to mention the sponsorship opportunities for creators my size are more around not AAA games and indie studios. Since I don't have a huge community yet only expecting FFXIV content from me, probably it would be a good time to open up now, it could be in my favour with discoverability if I streamed varied content.

So looks like it I'll be starting it with Nightingale :) Will have to find the time to design a nice overlay for it, all my current ones are commissioned FFXIV stuff :D

Nice 🙂 That sounds like a very wise strategy. I'm looking forward to checking out your Nightingale streams!

Hi, I'm Athena Atlas a Victorian circus strongwoman Vtuber! I've been so excited for Nightingale since it was announced and have been eagerly awaiting this day! I can't wait to being my adventures in the realms and will be focusing mainly on Nightingale for the next few weeks on my channel! I'm also thinking of doing some adventure journal videos and have other plans for the game!

I'd love to have you come join me over at The Grand Circus and good luck with your adventures in the realms! I'll be going live around 5PM GMT today, as soon as the game launches!

Welcome to Just About, Athena! Great to have you here. I'm looking forward to checking out those adventure video journals. Good luck with your first of hopefully many Nightingale streams tonight!

WEll good to meet everybody im cheesesteakneggs. Regular guy who started playing Nitingale enjoying pretty much everything about it. Always been a big fan of survival crafters such as this and Valheim, though i usually pride myself as a hunter/ gatherer than builder or fighter. When i saw the nitingale game i love the idea of a victorian era themed survival crafting.

Now im playing hoping to see this game and its bounties grow and flourish.

Welcome aboard! It's safe to say you're our first JA member whose username makes me hungry. Here's to hoping Nightingale and its bounties continue their upward momentum! Enjoy the platform!

P.S. I also really love Valheim!


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