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When building your early-game base in Nightingale, I have two key pieces of advice to share.

Firstly, always remember safety first – use an umbrella as a precaution. Those who have played 'Valheim' know that most accidents occur at the base, and 'Nightingale' is no exception. I can't count how many times I've fallen and injured my legs or even died while constructing my Tower of Insolence.

My second piece of advice is to effectively utilize both first-person and third-person views during construction. You can easily switch between these two camera modes using the F5 key. I find the first-person view particularly useful for building towers or walls, as it offers precision and detail. On the other hand, the third-person view is excellent for tasks like building near edges or on stairs, as it provides a broader perspective and helps gauge spatial relationships better.

These simple yet effective strategies can significantly improve your building experience in 'Nightingale,' especially for new players just starting to explore their construction capabilities in the game.

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Ok, here is mine. I wanted to do a video entry, but I'm not a video content creator so this is just a quick cut together of some of the things I have found useful, answers some of the questions people have had when trying to gather materials, construct or edit their first base. Hopefully if the JustAbout branded template suggestion happens I can use it to make video submissions more slick and professional.

Note, my name on this channel is JustAboutDave, I think this is a bit too closely branded to JustAbout and may lead to confusion. I wanted it to be DaveOnJustAbout but it won't let me change it for another 10 days and then I will do so.

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Just to clarify, when I say unlimited storage I mean they do not become encumbered and can carry an unlimited amount of weight, not unlimited item slots.

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Brilliant work. Thank you Dave!

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Also, am I the only one who finds it oddly satisfying to fix the item image bug?

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Early game base building advise: don't be a noob like Lanah :D

  • Make a solid foundation for your base.

  • If you want to build a tall structure, you have to underpin the stairs, they won't just stick to one wall like they might do in other game's housing feature.

  • Check the keybinds carefully, so you won't take a day like me to realise you can move and delete items.

  • Careful with your tools in your hand, you can hit your base and workbenches.

  • Your companion doesn't always pick up items from themselves, so check the area to make sure you got everything.

  • Your base has a health bar, and it will go down if it takes damage, but also if it's not stable enough (just because the game lets you build somewhere it doesn't mean you should...)

  • Make sure you actually build your base in your respite area or you can wake up for wolves trying to have you for breakfast.

  • Don't use the wood as fuel for your campfire which you have just went out to collect for your building...

I've done all these rookie survival mistakes, so you don't have to. You're welcome.

(This will be a video guide one day when I will have time to edit it)

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"Check the keybinds carefully, so you won't take a day like me to realise you can move and delete items." This took me a while too. I knew there must be a way, but I just settled with backwards storage units for 48 hours.

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I just settled with ok so I can't deconstruct stuff... Then realised they took damage so was hitting a badly placed wall with my axe until I destroyed it... then my partner came home and gave me survival lessons 😅

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Advice from a Rebel down under

When you open the game up you'll realize it is quite similar to other survival games. You'll need to manage how warm you are, your stamina, and your food.

When making your first base, make sure you have multiple cooking pots so you can maximize your food output. I'd recommend making your base out of stone as it is the most durable out of the early game resources. Always make sure your doors are shut, if not an airlock design as I have had boars and wolves run into my base and surprise me while I was crafting. To maximize space in your base I would suggest having a second floor or as I have done, a secret first floor ;)

I'd recommend destroying all the trees around your base to avoid the chance of them destroying your walls (if made of wood) or ceilings. Which ever way you cut into the tree is where it is going to fall so always cut away from your base initially.

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Great advice! Now I want to hear more about this secret floor.

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To avoid animals on your base: first of all, animals have fixed spawn points. If you cleared the area with wildlife in proximity and then decided to find your base there - you will get neighbors. To counter that, just move 30-50m away, or place Estate Cairn to prevent spawns

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A little trick I have found to stop your npc throwing all your wood on the fire. You can see in my first base design submission that the door is slightly raised via the foundations with no steps up. You have to jump to get in there. The NPC can't jump, so they can't get to the things that require fuel! This is a lot easier than putting it on top of a 40 storey tower they can't be bothered to climb up.


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