Dave's avatar

Was this the one that decided what gear you got to start with and therefore the early game starting difficulty? I chose the easiest so I think it was tradesperson.

Alex Sinclair's avatar

I believe it just changes the aesthetics of your starting outfit, and other than that it just has roleplaying value. Although there's speculation that it'll play a more impactful role after early access.

Boomer's avatar

I think there's a typo in your poll. Anyway, I'll be playing as one of the...

Sturmer's avatar

officer, I like people in a uniform.

legs0fmetal's avatar

I used to work with training service dogs, so im always curious on impact on game with officers/police as a background choice.

GameofBeardz's avatar

Vagrant. Feels like the current economic status of my life RIP

Paul's avatar

I chose Officer, just because I used to be in the army so I gravitated to that 😂

Im a simple guy.


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