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Tree felling, current bug with lags blocking my construction from wood

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Oh build from storage ❤️

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Not to pick on another game, but after playing Smalland, I really appreciate just how well done the onboarding in this game is for new players. The tutorial, while fairly long does a great job of introducing you to the core concepts. Then the light handholding throughout with the quests and the quest log does a really good job of guiding you through to the key elements and introducing more features and content.

Loading times are a big problem as Sturmer says, I assume the offline mode will fix this. I'm not bothered about playing offline specifically and don't ever understand what the big fuss is about it in any game, but the loading times are very frustrating that it causes in this game.

It's not on the list but I would like to see a playground mode where you dont have to gather all the resources if you just want to mess about trying out the building mechanics and building fun things.

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Thanks Dave; great thoughts. We should have our Nightingale review out soon, and these points are included!


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