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Thanks for the bounty idea Limal!

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I still don't have too many outfits, so showing off the coat from the Twitch drop set. I think it would be perfect for horse riding or a hunt. I love the purple and white colour combination, the trousers look relatively comfortable yet stylish, and the coat is the perfect length to have a nice shape but not get in the way. And are you even a Victorian if you are not wearing a top hat?

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Comfortable on the catwalk or strutting in victory atop a Fae Tower, this getup is "bound" to get attention- but be sure not to forget your best accessory, a fiery axe made of Titan's Fingernail. You'll be *Punishingly Pastel*

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Really nice outfit! Don't forget to post it as submission though and include a few words about what occasion the outfit would be good for!

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Lol I sworeI posted as a submission! Ill try again.

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So, my outfit is sadly not that impressive. I recently started a new server and am wearing a mix of NTTC black leather and Twitch gear. But still, it's comfortable and pretty durable for my early journeys.

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I don't have many outfits as well and the good ones cost so much Tier 3 essence. So with what I have on hand I went with a simple yet classic look.

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My fits are constantly evolving as I try new things and combos.
This one is a combo of Haddocks Ox leather and fabrics made from Jana for extra durability.

All metal parts like buttons and buckles contain a rare Titan's fingernail ore, which adds not just pristine rose looks, but also magical properties. The additional focus is on travel speed, the most meaningful timesaver in this game.

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Liking the pack matching the jacket. Almost looks like the exact patterning was intentional.


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