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I am going to take one from the above list because the very idea of it lit a fire in my brain!

Mattress Jousting.

First of all, we will need twenty of these:

King Size Mattress

Then we will need two of these:

Jousting Weapons

So, to the rules!

We start with each competitor standing on one Mattress, each player must use the full space of the Mattress to avoid being struck, when a player "touches another" a point is scored, at the maximum of three touches per fight.

Once a three-point score has been reached, each player has to add another Mattress and resume fighting to a three-point touch score. As the Mattress tower grows, the game not only becomes about skill at avoidance but also about maintaining the Mattress tower, should a player cause their Mattress tower to fall, the game is over and the opposing player wins. But the opposing player cannot kick or take action to make their opponent's tower fall!

So the player can accumulate 3 points per Mattress fight and 1 point per round win.

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OK, assume my tower doesn't fall, I don't touch the ground, and I don't interfere with the opponent's mattress tower...can I use the jousting weapon in some sort of aerial move? 😝

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"QuadStrike" - A Fusion of Football Freestyle and Tennis

"QuadStrike" is a unique sport that combines elements of tennis and football freestyle. It's a versatile game that can be played on any flat surface, such as dirt, asphalt, or sand. The only equipment needed is a ball and something to draw with, like a stick or charcoal.

Setting Up the Game:

  1. Draw a circle with a 10-meter radius.

  2. Divide the circle into four equal parts, each called a 'base.'

  3. Players take positions in their respective bases. Each base has two adjacent 'rival zones' and one 'outer perimeter.'

Objective and Scoring:

  • The aim is to keep the ball in play using freestyle football techniques.

  • The ball can touch the ground in your zone only once, similar to tennis.

  • Players can use their legs, head, or chest to keep the ball in the air. Each type of touch has a different score: leg or knee bump (1 point), head (5 points), chest (3 points).

  • Players can accumulate points by performing tricks without letting the ball touch the ground.

  • The objective is to send the ball into an opponent’s zone and make it cross their outer line. The opponent then receives points equal to the freestyle combo you executed.

  • A player loses if they accumulate 21 points.

Game Variations:

  • QuadStrike can be played individually or in teams of two (2vs2).

  • The game can also be played on a square field.

  • For a more challenging game, increase the field size or use a tennis ball.

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Oh I'd be wiped out so quickly! 😝

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Competitive tent pitching. Players are given a tent to pitch and must put it together in the fastest time possible. Penalty time is added by judges on inspection for missing pegs, misaligned, incorrectly secured panels or missing features.

The first round would be a time trial for all competitors, with the 8 fastest qualifying for the quarter finals. A standard basic 4 man tent is used.

We then run a knockout competition 1 v 1 through quarter finals, semi finals and the final. The tent design and construction complexity increases each round.

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Oh now this is a sport I could get into! 😄

All those years at festivals, the miles walked, the weight of the backpack, and racing to set up in the rain...they were all leading to this!

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A friend of mine and I whilst on holiday in Newquay actually invented what we dubbed pitball.

It started because some kids had dug a fairly substantial hole in the sand and it led to my friend digging one maybe about 20 ft away. First we treated it like a combination of football/basketball using these pits as goals with the rule that as a defender/keeper you weren't allowed in your pit to defend it, you could make clearances by jumping over it or from outside it but you weren't physically allowed to guard from inside. And as an attacker you could only score from outside the marked area (so you couldn't just get as close to the hole as possible and sink the shot).

This led to all manner of lobs, volleys and headers to try and score and eventually others started joining in so we had a nice little match of 3 v 3 going on.

There was no out of bounds, you could score from anywhere around the pits, so you'd have to be on your toes defending but also be creative in attack to try and catch out the other team and sink the ball into the pit.

In terms of other rules, you were not allowed to use your hands at all, even defending. Head or feet only! Who wins? First to whatever score you decide!

So there you have it, pitball!

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Immediately thought of this! 😂


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