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Swimming! Cardio, Strength, low impact, helpful to regulate breathing. Much lower rates of asthma in kids that swim! Plus water safety. Very possible being a good swimmer will save your life

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Swimming is a great shout! I notice this is a reply rather than a submission, though - if you want to be eligible for the bounty, would you mind using the "submit to this bounty" button instead, and going into some more detail about how and why swimming is so beneficial?

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I'd probably say yoga.

I think people dismiss it a bit because of the whole 'pilates girl' thing (obviously the activity which has a lot of women into it is dismissed urgh) but it's really good for both your mind and your body!

Maintaining mobility as you age is probably the most important thing you can do and yoga provides the tools to do that. It's also a very accessible sport since all you need really is youtube and a mat of some sort.

Yoga also includes the practice of mindfulness which is good at reducing stress. Cortisol (stress hormone) can have incredibly negative effects on both physical and mental health so reducing this is paramount.

Increased concentration, flexibility and ability to mitigate stress and anxiety are just a few of the benefits of yoga! It can also provide the building blocks needed to get better at other sports on top of that aswell :) To say its not very intensive, you get a lot of bang for your buck :D

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As a yoga-convert 2 years ago, I'm so glad to see a yoga submission. I could never have believed when I started that I'd have the mobility, balance, flexibility and more that I now have!


Swimming! Cardio, Strength,low impact, helpful to regulate breathing. Much lower rates of asthma among kids that swim. Plus water safety! being a good swimmer could definitely one day save your life! 200k+ people die every year drowning. Plus opens scuba diving, snorkeling, water polo, diving.

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Since November 2023 I have started to add some SciFi into my Sports. So what is so special?

It's EMS (Electro-muscle stimulation training) or in other Words 20 Minute adventure. In and out.

What has happened so far? I got another under arm muscle which I didn't had before. I am able to actively move my chest muscle and its not much but its something. Also all the normal increases of taking easier stairs, better overall activity.

Also 20 Minutes muscle training feels like a whole day of paintball training, including the Sore muscles. And if i say sore muscles mean all of them, as well these which you didn't know could even get sore.

Also you get a personal trainer which helps you keep the form and also is kind of a drill instructor. The EMS Cardio aka “running” on one of these machines is something i could skip and instead do more biking but for the cold days this is actually a very nice alternative.

So this is one of my happy life choices.

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I think I am going to say Football, simply for many reasons but:

From Google:

(If not allowed, I get it)

Reducing body fat. Building strength, stamina, and speed. Training your brain, improving concentration and coordination. Promoting teamwork, being social, and boosting your confidence.

But also for me, I play once a week with friends and I like it, afterward, after I've showered, I feel better about myself like I have made my day better and feel like I have contributed towards the happiness of others as well and that, is a good feeling.

So when we play other 5 aside for fun, it's always in good fun.


I think Crossfit is often seen as the sport that creates 'the fittest people on the planet', but I have a number of friends who do crossfit and end up with awful injuries from the high intensity nature of the events and questionable form. I have seen quite a few articles criticising Crossfit for this.

Personally I think rowing is probably the best. It is low impact and can be tailored to each individual with its varying resistances, and includes options for adaptive rowing for those who may use a wheelchair or that have other physical disabilities including amputations.

It provides a great full-body workout, and is perfect for anaerobic or aerobic training plans.

If I was to be limited to just one form of exercise for the rest of my life to keep fit and remain in the best possible physical condition, it would definitely be rowing!

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While you might expect me to champion cycling as the ultimate fitness sport, I'm actually going to advocate for rope jumping. Surprised? It's far from just a childhood pastime or a 'girlish thing.' To dispel any myths and underscore its effectiveness, I recommend checking out a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport @Jump Rope Dudes. They brilliantly illustrate why rope jumping is exceptional for overall physical fitness. Here's my methodology to back this claim:

Preparation and Equipment

Many sports like hockey, cycling, and even golf require expensive, sometimes bulky, equipment, not to mention the time needed for preparation and maintenance. In contrast, rope jumping only necessitates a rope. Yes, enhancements like ball-bearing fitted handles, a jumping mat, and special shoes exist, but they're not prerequisites to start. This accessibility and simplicity make rope jumping incredibly appealing.


The ease of incorporating rope jumping into your routine is unmatched. It strips away common excuses that deter regular exercise. Unlike outdoor sports that can be weather-dependent or require specific environments, rope jumping can be done nearly anywhere - your backyard, garage, fitness club, or even your living room, offering privacy and convenience. Its portability makes it a perfect workout companion, whether you're traveling or on vacation. No more bla-bla-bla excuses, just go work out.

Health Benefits

The advantages of rope jumping are extensive and impressive. It's a robust cardiovascular workout, boosting heart health, lung capacity, and stamina. Being a full-body exercise, it engages leg, arm, and core muscles, enhancing coordination and balance. Additionally, its high intensity makes it an efficient calorie burner, ideal for weight management and muscle toning.

The simplicity, versatility, and comprehensive health benefits of rope jumping make it an outstanding choice for improving overall physical fitness. No other sports I've tried or seen can offer similar effects with same effort.

P.S. For those concerned about the potential impact on joints due to jumping, rest assured that rope jumping is significantly less traumatic than running. This lower risk of injury is due to several factors: you typically jump with both feet, distributing the load evenly and reducing the stress on each leg. Additionally, you can control the environment by choosing a softer surface or using a mat, which further minimizes impact. Moreover, the alternating intensity of rope jumping allows for a balanced workout, preventing the overuse of any particular muscle group or joint.

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As someone who is competitive I'd love to say football BUT given I dislocated my knee twice while playing I'm going to veto that!

Instead I'm going to go for the two things that helped me in my knee rehab, walking and cycling.

The second time I dislocated my knee and ended up having keyhole surgery to tidy up some scar tissue I was told that it was probably unlikely I could/should play football again and that really got me down. Aside from the strengthening exercises my physio gave me I endeavoured to do what I could to allow me to be competitive with myself without pushing myself to breaking point.

I tried swimming but I'm not the strongest swimmer and it just felt like I was swimming against the current in terms of what I was trying to achieve with exercise. So I started walking, whether it was getting off the train a few stops early and walking the rest of the way home when I lived along the coast or taking myself out and setting myself a goal on my lunchbreaks. It was low impact, good for my asthma because I could set a pace that got my heart rate going but didn't leave me gasping for air at the end of it and it was allowing me to build up muscle strength on muscles that for a few months had been relatively inactive.

After that I added in an exercise bike, mainly because I could push myself distance wise without then getting wiped out and having to get home again after! Again though, it was low impact and great for building strength in my thighs and specifically the muscles that were weak and causing my knee cap to do it's own thing.

This blend of low impact cardio was great for me to lose some of the weight I'd put on, build up strength in my muscles and I know we're focused on physical health right now, a big mention to what it did for my mental health; I was so down when I got told it probably wasn't a good idea to go back to football, but after working on just cycling, walking and some stretching/balance exercises, I got the sign off to go back to playing! A happy ending bought on by two of the easiest and most affordable exercise routines you can do!


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