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I agree on Grealish, though I wouldn't have picked Rashford either.

Very surprised Ramsdale is even in the preliminary squad given he only played like 5 league games all season (and that's coming from an Arsenal fan who loves Rambo!)

On a more bias Gooner note I'm a bit surprised Maddison made it in, I know he enjoyed a strong start at Spurs but he got 4 goals and 9 assists all season, I can't help but feel there's better players for that role that could push the others in the squad.

All that being said, I don't like international football and don't support England so it's irrelevant to me!

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That's fair - I'd make a case for Michael Olise too, as he's only ever played for France in youth tournaments so is eligible for an England call up. Ramsdale I'm not surprised by though, just because who else gets the nod? Pope and Butland are both recovering from injuries, maybe Jason Steele? But he should get the nod over Trafford IMO. (Also I'm a United fan, but I think the treatment of Ramsdale at Arsenal is harsh, I reckon he's a better keeper than Raya).

Also, me neither - I'm Welsh, so our loss to Poland was heartbreaking, but I believe the JA Sport crowd is mostly English!

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True, I can see Ramsdale being in there purely as an emergency choice.

I don't think there's much between Raya and Ramsdale, Raya got golden glove this year but he also had a season with an injury free Saliba so that would've gone some way into getting him that accolade.

I am English but I just don't support England haha - I'm not the least bit patriotic!

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Agree RE Trafford, Jones and your take on Toney over Solanke. I don't think Grealish over Rashford is the incorrect decision though, and believe me I'm no fan of Southgate. I think he gets it wrong more often then right but Rashford is imo a confidence player and he's been invisible recently. I trust Grealish to have an impact regardless of his form, although I do think we will miss having Rashford's pace. I'm perplexed by the omission of Olise though...

Also very worried about our lack of choices for LB


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