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IMHO the most influential technological advancement across multiple domains in the last decade is artificial intelligence.

For some AI's impact is overwhelmingly positive in terms of efficiency and innovation, but it also brings challenges, including job displacement and ethical concerns regarding data privacy and decision-making.

But it's essential to see AI beyond the common fears of "GPTs stealing my work" or "AI upsetting artists". AI's capability to analyze huge datasets, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions has brought revolutionary changes to numerous industries. In healthcare, for instance, AI contributes significantly to early disease detection, treatment personalization, and research advancements.

Take, for example, projects like Project Discovery in EVE Online, which use AI to involve players in real scientific research, such as identifying exoplanets and contributing to COVID-19 research. This demonstrates AI's and machine learning broader impact, extending into realms like gaming and citizen science, proving its versatility and transformative potential.

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Almost everything I've been looking at had roots in the 90s already but really kicked off in the last 10 years. Hard to choose but I'll probably go with 3D printing. It has so many amazing uses, starting from creating prosthetics which can obviously change someone's experience of everyday life.

What really struck me though since it's became more accessible for the wider population is how cosplayers are using it. Back when I did cosplay I had to make accessories from cardboard or find something which looked relatively similar to a piece I needed to complete my costume. Today you can just print a buckle or an entire sword which looks exactly like the character your are cosplaying has. And it's definitely less time consuming than trying to fix something together from cardboard and trinkets from dad's garage and pray that the see-through duck tape will hold.

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3D printing is amazing, have you ever had a go yourself? I've always wanted to.

I want to check out some of these cosplay creations now, although I have to do say, there's definitely some charm in the old-school DIY approach

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One of my favourite cosplayers. He does the wig styling and tailoring himself, and the little bits and weapons are 3D printed.

I haven't tried 3D printing myself, but will definitely do if I get back into cosplaying. But I agree there is a certain charm to the old-fashioned way.

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Woah. Is the fire real? Admittedly, I'd struggle to build that out of cereal boxes, duct tape, and miscellaneous garage finds...

Once the community grows a bit more, I think we should try some cosplay challenge bounties over at Just About Video Games. We tried one for EVE, but it didn't get much uptake.

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Not sure if it's real but knowing him probably it is :D Dude is amazing.

Oh that's definitely a nice idea once we have a bigger community. I'll try my best to get some cosplayers on here ^^

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Social Networks as seen as a Neural Network The Idea of processing information through a human collective...

TL:DR We wasted the potential for hate, desinformation and stupid people.

Lets try to focus on the basics:

- You can post.
- You can like a post.
- You can repost a post.

Number one is just input. But two and three are already complex processes.

So if you post something which hits you get a response from the social network in the form of Likes, Reposts which spreads the information wider and wider in the network. If the Information is correct, more individuals will be aware of this information and maybe add upp to it which will give us in the end the utopia information. This is how it should work.

But currently we have a system which is corrupted by simple stupidity and ignorance. Creating toxic community bubbles which self promote their view by deforming true information and spreading fake information. Turning into a Devil Spiral which will only show you what you want to see in the bubble. This is supported by algorithms from the big tech companies.

If you only talk to people who love the color green how should you experience any other color if everyting you get back is related with green?

PS: I was trying to find the TALK from the CCC about it but its hard to find since the internet is flooded with crap content.

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That's an interesting suggestion, Kane. Hopefully JA can do its bit to combat some of that toxicity and naff content! We have an upcoming bounty on this topic that you'll be interested in. Keep an eye out for the word 'enshittification'

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Electric vehicles and related battery/energy storage advancements. It's leading to the day (eventually) when it's rare to see and hear a non ev vehicle out on the road. It will be transformational to our health, the planets health (to a degree) and the way we experience the environment around us.

Imagine walking around without all the traffic noise we have today. Even in the countryside you still have the distant background noise of it all in most cases, as it's never far away. In built up areas you can taste the toxic air. In the future it will be as strange as looking back at smoke filled pubs, resteraunts and offices, how it was just accepted as part of the experience.

The resulting battery tech improvements feed into energy network improvements allowing the storage of renewable energy in the home or regionally on the energy grid at sub stations. Reducing or eliminating the need for fossil fuel top ups during high demand, low renewable generation times. This leads to cheaper energy supply costs at peaks time as well as the environmental benefits.

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So for me. Smart Watches, hear me out!

So I was always an Android baby, I hated Apple products, they were confusing to me, and pointless, the phones, and Macs, I hated them with a passion, but then, my wife brought me the iPhone 12 Pro Max and threw my old Android away, she said "it's time you had a decent phone" but with that, she ordered me an apple watch, within weeks, I was hooked on both.

What I love most about my smartwatch is it has led me to lose weight and take better care of myself, it has things like standing goals for the day, steps obviously but also tells me my blood pressure, when I get stressed I get warnings to "relax" since my wife set it up for me, but the great thing is, I don't need to carry my phone around. My watch can do pretty much everything my phone can, even take phone calls, gives a whole new meaning to "hand's free"

So yeh, for me, it's Smart Watches!


I think it's one that we have yet to see the real impact of it, which will be massive, and that will be AI.

I see this disrupting the world in many ways from the content we watch to how we are dealt with by customer services of companies for example.

While there is so many negative outcomes we all rightfully worry about, I feel there is one place where AI could be massively helpful to us humans.

That is in healthcare.

Imagine all the information our smart watches or fitness trackers alongside tracking apps like my fitness pal taking all this into the mix for a personalized AI healthcare assistant who can accurately diagnose potential ailments or more importantly help you get healthier and hopefully ward of any future illnesses by getting ahead of the game!

As someone with underlying health challenges this would be sooo interesting to me as it could be a great help to enhance my health and quality of life.

I almost feel as if Apple is gearing up to launch something like this as with each device they launch they push further into health and wellness. Only time will tell.

And thats just the basic stuff im getting at here, never mind the difficulty stuff like AI helping to find cures for diseases as it can crunch data way faster and more effectively than we ever could! Fingers crossed it does!

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VR/AR finally becoming a mainstream product is probably the biggest advancement in this generation. While it still has a long way to go, within a decade we have seen it go from clunky dev kits to products such as the Quest 3 or Vision Pro. I think they have the potential to fundamentally change how we use tech, and opens up so many opportunities, and can be used in so many situations. Now it just has to go really mainstream in order to make any real impact and have even more investment made into it that the VR space still needs.

The VR solutions of the past decade are just making people aware of the tech and making the first important steps into the real exciting next generations, with sci-fi AR glasses and more.

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Slightly off the wall answer here - computer music and specifically DAW recording software such as Garageband, Reaper and so on have opened up recording to the masses.

Recording music in the past was either a labour of love in a garage, or expensive studio, or rehearsal time, which often costs a small fortune for newer bands wanting to get their music out there.

DAW software, plugins and so on, and also midi has opened this up to anyone. All you need now is the imagination!


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