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I find this fascinating and terrifying at the same time, like the amount of fake stuff that could be made for bad purposes is crazy and also the amount of jobs this could displace! I hope they put it behind a 10 grand a month paywall or something!

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You have a lot of trust in people with $10,000 per month to spare, eh? I share your concerns, especially when it comes to disinformation. Although one of my worries with such world-changing technology is that people will be priced out of using the best versions of it.

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Also think of it the other way around. Let's say there is a genuine video of a politician or whoever doing something. Similar to the "I was hacked", it's a manipulated image and not what happened, defense. They can say the video is AI generated and not genuine. An obsessed fan base would believe them or cause enough doubt in general to not convince them enough.

Same for audio of someone saying something now.

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100%. It's already happened and happening. Identifying reliable information online is already a challenge for a lot of people, and I fear this is going to lead us into the much-prophesised post-truth world. I hope that new tools will proliferate to combat it, but if the last decade and a half is anything to go by, technological solutions will be too little, too late.

Cheery Monday thoughts 😅

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This is not going to end well at all, guarantee it ends in a newspaper article lol

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Here's a video showing it in action:

Brought to us from MURRRAAAAY's favourite tech reviewer!


it’s very good video! Well worth a watch! And also terrifying the pace of development with these tools!


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