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I can't answer any of the questions you've posed here since I'm quite unfamiliar, but this does make me paranoid about copyright. If the algorithms are trained used public datasets, what's stopping it from re-creating something that's a little too close to something owned by someone else? If they then seek legal damages, are you culpable as a user, the AI maker, or a mixture of both? There feels like so many unknowns that I'm very reluctant to try it out myself.

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It is a legal minefield, and probably one that's going to blow up soon.

Then again we also consume and are influenced by other media, and this leaves an impression on our own. Is it the same, or what distinguishes ours as more original? 🤔

I'm not on either side, by the way! 😄 I just find the idea of originality and value transfer really interesting!

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I am super tone deaf so whilst this is interesting, impressive even, it would not be something I would use myself

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That's fair, and it makes me wonder the extent to which these tools can be prompted.

I have intermittent tinnitus, so I wonder what the difference would be if the tool was re-prompted to account for a listener with tinnitus (or other hearing conditions)?

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I tried several months ago but wouldn't say I liked it. But the potential is great!

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Let us know if you check it out again. I'd be keen to hear how it comes on!


wow this sounds very interesting! Few concerns about copyright for using this generated music I must admit and even more so I’d rather support human artists so they don’t go extinct, I feel consumers may have to nail there flag to the post of humanity soon so to speak to curtail organisations from using AI to just generate everything at the expense of talented humans in jobs!

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Oh absolutely! It's hard enough as it is with all the post-covid layoffs, and we don't want to make it too easy to replace people!


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