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So, a few years ago we lived in a flat with unfortunately thin walls. Every Saturday morning at 7.15am like clockwork, we'd get woken up by the sounds of our neighbours lovemaking.

We debated having "WeCanHearYouHavingSex" but eventually my mum of all people said why not go for "NowThatsWhatICallSex82" because 82 was their flat number.

We didn't know how to broach the topic with our neighbours having only ever spoken to them in passing and them being quite stand offish people, so I went with the light hearted way. It did not go down well at all. They did end up moving a couple of months later.

Luckily with them moving I never again had to hear "No, Neil, I think you'll really like it, go on Neil get the baby oil, trust me."

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I always give my router a human name that isn't related to anyone I know. At the moment my internet is served to me by Simone

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I used to name mine Skynet...

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Funnily enough someone in my area also does that!

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Mine are always Alan Partridge references. Currently "The Static Home"...

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"Classic House"

Mine is also a Coogan reference. I can't give too much away because it's a pun on our address but let's just say it's related to me being from Manchester:

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As an avid Bowie fan, my old WiFi network was called "Tell my WiFi love her very much"

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Ahaha this is my favourite so far

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My parent’s WiFi is “FBI Field Unit” and then some random numbers after it.

Since I’m on Starlink I’ve named mine “Space Internet”


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