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Can not stand the use of AI in art, film, games or other creative media.

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That's fair. Can you share a little about why you don't like it? Generative AI is at the heart of some of the creative industries' biggest challenges, so I totally get it can be a hot-button topic.

Personally I feel that if the artwork couldn't have been created by a human and it doesn't replace an existing human then it can be quite cool.

One example I've seen is Hexells by Alexander Mordvintsev. Hexells...

is a Self-Organising System of cells, that was trained to build textures using neighbour communication only. This work exposes the relation between the life of an individual cell, and the cell collective as a whole.

It's an interactive artwork, and you can have a go using the link above. If anyone does try it I'd be interested to hear what you think.

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Woah! Boomer its a great find! You can open it on multiple devices and control it from your smartphone. It reminded me a music visualization in winamp, speaking of music, they could incorporate AI drone music there for a complete experience =)

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The artist exhibited at a festival I contributed to in 2021, and I've got a few more like this hidden away somewhere! I'll share them here...if I can find them again! 😝

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Please do! it's a very interesting topic for me

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I know AI itself is a tool but it shouldn’t be used to replace creativity and dispite how innocent most useres are there are so many instances of it doing so, most recently the actors and voice actors striking over it.

Creativity comes from human inspiration and imagination, AI does not have that, what it can do it copy. I know its way more complicated then just looking for an image and pasting it on another picture but to me, thats essentially what it is.

I also do not like that it makes me second guess real art I see online. Social media is swimming with AI pictures, overshadowing real artists.

I feel we are on a slippery slope of AI becoming the norm. The more its used the easier that will be and when it is, we will be less pissed when people start losing jobs over it.

I know thats gone from "heres a pretty picture" to "THEY TURK ERR JERBS!" But thats just how i feel 😅

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Create an image in the style of an ancient Egyptian wall drawing, incorporating elements of retrofuturism. The story depicted is divided into two phases, all related to video games:

  • The individual engages in studying and reviewing the game, representing a period of in-depth analysis and understanding.

  • The final phase shows the person disseminating their knowledge or insights about the game to a wide audience or masses, illustrating the sharing of information with the public.

The overall aesthetic should blend the ancient Egyptian art style, creating a unique fusion that tells this video game-themed story.


This is an image of a man absolutely losing it in an Indian restaurant. He's had enough and is smashing his stack of poppadums. Note the shocked look of the other patrons. Pure Art.

prompt: create me a hyper realistic image of a man smashing a stack of poppadoms in an Indian restaurant. make the shards fly everywhere and captured the shocked reactions of the other people at the table. pay attention to scene and making it as realistic as possible

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paint a renaissance style painting of the muppets fighting a battle against an army of seagulls

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This, is a very angry man getting angry at an equally angry cheese who won't let him eat him!

I typed this...

"make me a picture of a man getting very angry at cheese whilst drinking a can of drink"

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I entered this and used copilot. I'm always careful with AI images after reading about how they work in more detail and the controversies. I started with a back and forward conversation about fantastical surreal images, and after some back and forward, between us came up with a really cool prompt. For this particular bounty as it's about ai and part of the generation tool/functionality in copilot I think thats fine.

However! I'm very cautious about using ai images now after looking into it all in detail, so I did a reverse image search of what it came up with. I was shocked to find incredibly similar images on DeviantArt and on lots of other sites. The similarity was blatant! I've therefore deleted my tweet and the bounty entry. These may have been AI generated as well for all I know I guess though, but then that just shows how limited their outputs are from similar prompts.


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