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I had been eyeing this type of product for a while, but hundreds of reviews only rehashed the stats from the product page or showed a generic setup in the UI (which is sad!). No one was actually digging into the hardware, which is crucial for a device designed to secure your network. So, I took matters into my own hands. I got one myself and performed an unboxing teardown to reveal the core components.

Check out my review and detailed macro shots of the circuit board. Feel free to pause at any moment and explore the schematics!

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I've seen ad on facebook of similar device from their company, they always hiding what is inside

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Love this! Wish I had a house big enough for one of these!

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Would you wipe sh*t of your face with just only toilet paper?
I guess not.. so here is the Smart Toilet Seat, must have level of new comfort.

10/10 Points.

You may like or dislike the one or another function.

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I feel like I’m boring people now but again the Amazon Kindle it’s so good so my review is about the Amazon Kindle and I’m really sorry at how amateur

this video is and I tried my best but I’ve never really done anything like this before so please be kind.

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May I know if that is a Kindle Paperwhite? If so, could you please specify the version?

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Yes! It’s the Kindle Paperweight 2024 edition 6.8” :)


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