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Video Games

oops, meant for just about community... but that gives me some more feedback lol. When creating a new discussion it should be more obvious in the core content of the page where you are creating it such as, "creating new discusion in $CommunityName".

Good idea. This has happened a few times now!

I agree on this one! We've got some work to do on Reactions.

It's also important that the Like button doesn't just become the default option for everything. Because we intend to use the reactions system in a few ways ie. to help categorise (and filter) posts, and also recognise users ie. people who are particularly helpful, knowledgeable or funny.

We're launching the Organic Rewards feature very soon which has been taking up all tech time over the past couple of weeks, but then we'll be able to switch our attention back to some of these improvements.


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