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Looks interesting but it looks strangely familiar to The Finals recent beta tests, mainly that foam spraying gun thing.

(Reposting as for some reason it briefly appeared on a starfield post at the same time as this one)

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Love CA and I'm willing to assume the game is good, and while I don't know if it's distinctive enough to peel folks away from the market leaders, it also feels like hero/comp shooters are at a low ebb (see Warzone 2, the slow death of Siege, the magnificent Overwatch 2 faceplant) so maybe there's an opportunity.

This trailer is fine, but if prior successes and failures in live games are any guide, the timing of the full launch and the extent of streamer support will be huge factors in whether Hyenas takes off. Kind of sad that it's down to something so fickle.


Not convinced by this at all I'm afraid. To crack this genre it really needs to be something special and not seeing it from this. Could be wrong but the gut is saying "nope".

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I am at least interested in it. These days I only seem to be interested in shooters if I don't have to take them seriously at all, so that trailer hit the right spot at least haha

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This is a much better showing than any of the previous trailers I've seen. At its best it looks like it could scratch my long-unscratched Overwatch itch. I'm still not sure, though, and I think they've got a tall mountain to climb given how many games are trying and failing to be the next Fortnite or whatever.

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That's such a shame! It looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. It looks like it'd be a blend of Halo, TF2, and Fortnite and I'd be down to play that.


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