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IGN 7 is a surprise. All the stuff I've seen thus far made me think they'd be giving it a 9 or a 10.

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Have read quite a few different ones. Pretty much sounds just like I was expecting really, mass effect mixed with skyrim/fallout. The inventory management and menu screens sound annoying though so I look forward to better modded versions and quality of life improvements. Also sounds like it takes a good 10 hours to start getting properly going and all clicking into place.

Really looking forward to starting it. Going to create my character late tonight at launch and the probably just the first 30 minutes, then get going tomorrow and all weekend!

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Ok so I deleted my old 45 minute first play through thoughts as I had a big misunderstanding with the controls/ui and what you can/can't do. I think playing this using a controller is a must. Mouse and keyboard really does seem to be an afterthought, the ui and menus are clearly designed for controller and are easier to navigate using one.

There is a lack of a detailed hand holding tutorial for a lot of the controls and menus but over 4 or 5 hours tonight I've figured out a lot of the frustrating and confusing things and it all now makes much more sense. UI mods will be very popular though.

I hope people that struggle with it initially like I did stick with it. Once you get into it, all the technical limitations and the segmented nature of it fall away into the background and it's a classic Bethesda style game.

The lofi analogue grounded lived in look for the visual style works really well. Indoor environments look really impressive and better than I was expecting, outdoors not so much. Some areas of new atlantis almost look like a upscaled 360 game such as the awful tree models, I think the trees in oblivion on the 360 might have even looked better! But then you turn a corner and it looks decent again such as the shopping district.

Playing on max settings on pc at 1440p. Frame rate goes from 45 -80 depending on what's going on with a 5800x, 3090. Tried the dlss mods that are about and it didn't really look any different or impact performance.


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