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I don't know about industry shows but the general consumer ones for games (in the UK) aren't what they used to be in terms of publisher support. I get the feeling that might be more of a lack of interest/marketing budgets for the UK market though and they are better supported in other places e.g gamescom.

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It's a shame given the strength of this year's Gamescom. I can't remember the last time I saw a graphics card announced during that particular event. I'm a little jealous that I never got to experience industry events in their heyday.


First one I went to was E3 in Atlanta, I think that was 1997 or something. It changed massively over the following decade. The Atlanta event was great, had a real good feel about it, and still my favourite industry event to this day. Subsequent E3s just got bigger and bigger making the whole thing such a beast I found it getting more and more unworkable and expensive when organising staff and writers. After all, there was so much more to cover every subsequent year which means more boots on the ground. I think I did 10 E3s in total and by the end I know I had had enough.

The advent of improved Internet changed everything and how gamers consumed content. They now had access to a virtual show floor. With more and more games appearing every year there was almost too much to see crammed into 3 days so it then became harder for publishers to get the column inches they need to warrant the marketing and PR expense. Then big names start dropping out and you end up where we are today.

I think Gamescom has its place as it's also a public event while offering a large area for business away from the madness. It has won out as the main show to go to and I think rightly so.


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