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I've only ever played a handful of AC titles. AC, AC2 and Brotherhood. I loved all of them, but they all felt incredibly repetitive. The games were, I felt, almost identical in their playstyle. The storylines varied slightly, but I could never bring myself to buy any of the games outside of those listed as I feared it may well have just ended up as another cut and paste job.

A few have peaked my interest over the years. (Namely Black Flag and Valhalla) But only because I'm a sucker for Pirates and Norse folklore, not because the franchise holds any particular draw for me.

I've watched the trailers and a few early access gameplay runs and must admit that Mirage does look enticing. Reviews are mostly positive and the graphics do look spectacular. I'm keen to watch more let's plays etc. before I commit to purchasing it myself, but from an initial look, this might be my first AC title purchase in quite some time if it lives up to the hype.


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